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    Convertible car seat that wheels down airplane aisle

    I'm looking for suggestions for a convertible car seat that can be wheeled down the coach airplane aisle on the Gogo Kidz Travelmate. The lighter the better. Thanks so much in advance.

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    Re: Convertible car seat that wheels down airplane aisle

    Hi there! If you could provide the age, weight, height and torso height if possible of your child, it will help everyone to come up with suggestions.
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    Re: Convertible car seat that wheels down airplane aisle

    My Radian can.

    Instead of the expensive GogoKidz, I have a metal, foldable luggage cart. Works just as well and is more durable. You can get them at half the cost in some places. Better value for money!
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    Re: Convertible car seat that wheels down airplane aisle

    Our boy will be nearly a year old and will likely be just outgrowing his infant car seat then by height. Weight likely be about 22-23 pounds or so then. Thanks.

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    Re: Convertible car seat that wheels down airplane aisle

    Radian + luggage cart is likely to be the narrowest combination going down aircraft aisles. I got a Target version rated to 150?lbs -- around $30. LATCH anchors & top tether secured seat to the cart. Luggage strap on cart either held in bags/cat carrier... or was pushed to the side when it was in use by child.

    There's no guarantee it will fit down every single aircraft aisle either because there's no standards for widths of aisles , as far as I know. There's some that barely fit adults, let alone luggage and/or carseats.

    The Radian is NOT a lightweight seat. However, since it folds, lacks a base, & isn't flimsy breakable, I found it easy to travel with. A gem on the luggage cart to have child strapped in to pull or stuff piled on.

    But I never travelled with a rear facing child with it, so that's another issue. Mine was 3+ years old by the time we used it for aircraft.

    I saw someone using a go-go cart. She liked my set up better. Hers was wider and not as flexible to use other than for the carseat on it.

    My daughter outgrew her carseat 2.5 years ago. It's long gone to a new home(s). But the luggage cart is still regularly used to haul stuff.. lots of stuff. It's next job is to handle the carriers for cat & dog when I move in May. So that's something to consider too.


    BTW-- here's some pictures. They're older. It's a radian 65 in 2008 & 2009.

    Yes, there's a cat curled up in the bottom of the carrier. Very happy. Very content.

    With one of the luggage 'wings' out. They provided extra stability for wider items. I rarely used them with the carseat. DD had been happily pulled from one side of BWI to another in her seat. She's 5.5 years old. By this point, it's about 9pm where she's very tired from a long day of moving & waiting & stress. It started at 5am.
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