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    Roundabout 55 for flight - a few questions

    We are going to use the Britax Roundabout 55 for our 1st flight with our 14 mth old DS. My husband does not want to install it rear facing despite all the reasons stated here so it is what it is. My questions are:

    1. I really don't want my DS being really straight up with no recline as I feel he will be uncomfortable. Am I allowed to recline the car seat 1 level before installing?
    2. Do I need to recline the plane seat, then install the car seat and then put the plane seat back to the upright position? I think I read somewhere on this site that it makes installing and deinstalling car seats easier or something to that effect.
    3. Should I use a seatbelt extender?

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    Re: Roundabout 55 for flight - a few questions

    I am no help to you but I am watching this thread because I will probably be flying with my RA55 this August
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    Re: Roundabout 55 for flight - a few questions

    1. The RA55 has two different recline settings for FF. You can use the more reclined if you like. It may affect how much leg room your child has. I don't think the RA55 is super upright anyway, so you might want to try it in the most upright setting and see how it is that way.

    2. You may or may not need to recline and unrecline the seat. It does make it fairly easy to install and uninstall, though, so if you're worried about getting a good install that's certainly a trick you can try.

    3. The RA55 has an open/accessible belt path (you can just pull up the cover), so you shouldn't need a belt extender (that's for the older Britax seats w/ the closed belt paths since you can't access the belt path to undo the belt on those seats).
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