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    GoGo Kidz Cart questions

    What is the best way to get it through secuirty for US flights? Do we need to remove our son and put it through xray? Do we need to remove the carseat itself?

    Also, is it true that you can leave it attached to the carseat while in flight instead of storing it in the overhead bin? Do you need to remove the wheels?

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    Re: GoGo Kidz Cart questions

    I'm pretty sure you will need to take your child out of the car seat for security. If the car seat will fit through the scanner w/ the gogokidz you may be able to leave it on. Hopefully someone else has some experience with that.

    You can leave the gogokidz on for the flight; however, I believe you get a better install if you take them off and stow them for the flight. At one point I think the gogokidz also allowed for removal of the wheels, so you could just remove the wheels and then put them back on. If you already have the gogokidz, you could play around with all this and see how much time it takes you to take off and put on the entire cart and/or just the wheels (if your model allows).
    CPST, SN Trained

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    You will need to remove your son through security. It has varied wether their want to Gogo off, wheels do pop off though. On the plane wheels off, might not work to leave on if you are rear facing though....
    Jodi CPST Mom to 5

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    Re: GoGo Kidz Cart questions

    I've flown a bunch with the gogokidz.

    When travelling with the gogokidz, my seats have not fit through xray, so they've just treated the seat and wheels as a stroller and wanded/swiped the whole thing.

    Kid has to be out of the seat going through security.

    I have removed the wheels on-board and stowed the wheels under the seat in front. I usually put my carry-on over the wheels so they don't slide around. I have the ratcheting type of attachment for the ggk, so it makes getting it on and off very easy.
    Lori, CPST
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