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    Cosco (Dorel) Top Side

    Cosco (Dorel) Top Side

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    Instruction Manual - none found online

    Stated Limits:
    High-back Weight Range: N/A
    No-back Weight Range: 40-100 lb
    High-back Height Range: N/A
    No-back Height Range: 43-57 in.
    Age Range For High-back: N/A
    Age Range for No-back: over 3 yrs of age

    Lowest Belt Guide Height: N/A
    Highest Belt Guide Height: N/A
    Tallest Internal Seating Height: N/A
    Tallest External Seat Height: N/A
    Internal Base Seating Depth: 14 in.
    External Base Seating Depth: 14 in.
    Internal Base Seating Width: 10 in. at hip/14.75 in. at front/thigh
    External Base Seating Width: 15.25 in. at armrest
    High-back Max. External Width: N/A
    Seat Weight (High-back): N/A
    Seat Weight (No-back): 2 lbs.

    Other Information:
    LATCH Capable: Cannot use LATCH
    Expiration Limit: December of the 6th year
    Seat Modes: no back only

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