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View Poll Results: When did you flip?

100. You may not vote on this poll
  • Knew nothing about ERF, flipped at 1 yr or before.

    14 14.00%
  • Knew about ERF, flipped around 1 yr.

    7 7.00%
  • Flipped around 1 1/2 yrs.

    12 12.00%
  • Flipped right around 2 yrs.

    18 18.00%
  • Flipped around 2 1/2 yrs.

    20 20.00%
  • Flipped at 3+ yrs.

    60 60.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Senior Community Member
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    Sep 2008

    When DID you flip??

    This is a question for all the parents that HAVE already flipped their kiddos forward facing

    If you care to comment why you flipped at that age, Id love to hear it
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    CPS Technician zactayaus's Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    Re: When DID you flip??

    Well I didn't vote cause I didn't think we really fit in any of the categories.

    DS1 is 21yo and back then you flipped once your kiddo turned 6mo! So yeah, in his case I knew nothing about ERF and just did what my doctor told me to do.

    DD is 13 1/2yo and was turned at 19m. That is when she hit 20lbs and I knew she had to weigh that much before I could turn her.

    DS2 is 8 1/2yo and was turned at 14m. Again it was because he hit the magic #20 and I did not know any better.

    So I guess you could say dd and ds2 were ERF as just about everyone else back then flipped at 1yo regardless of weight for the most part.

    Now ds3 is 2y 8m and will more than likely continue to ERF past his 3rd b-day.

    Zack 12/20/90 Taylor 5/11/98
    Austin 4/16/03 69lbs 58" Happily riding in Incognitos!
    Gavin 4/20/09 53lbs, 47" FF in an RXT, GN, and 2 FR85's
    DN Olivia 10/2/14 riding in an SR35

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    Senior Community Member
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    Sep 2008

    Re: When DID you flip??

    You can choose more than once so you can choose for each child

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    CPS Technician Lemonade's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

    Re: When DID you flip??

    I answered for DD - right around 24m. For me it was a number of factors and at that point it was better for her to be FF. Better, obviously, as long as we were not in a crash.

    For DS, I had heard about ERF but NO ONE was doing it and I wasn't here yet. I kept him RF until 16m and everyone thought I was crazy for that.
    CPST and Mom to:
    DS 12/05 {60# and 55.5"}
    DD 6/08 {56# and 51.5"} in an Incognito

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    Re: When DID you flip??

    At least I thought you could vote more than once.... Its not letting me and Im not sure how to edit the poll

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    CPS Technician lovemybabies924's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Washington State
    Dd1 was once she was 20lbs and over 1, DS was 18m or so I knew about erf and was a member on here but my kids were choking him

    Sent from my iPod touch, sorry for any auto-correct typos!
    *STACY* Mom to: Sage-9, Nevaeh-6.5, Junior-5, Nayeli-1.5

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    Carseat Crazy hsjwmom's Avatar
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    Aug 2006

    Re: When DID you flip??

    My older two both flipped around 15 months. I had heard vague rumors that it was better to rf longer than a year, but nothing very specific. Dh wanted to turn them but agreed to see what their pediatrician had to say. Our pediatrician poo-pooed me and told me to ff. So, that's when they were flipped. The kids have a new pediatrician.

    DD3 will be 4 mid-February. She weighs between 31 and 32lbs. She is still rfing in a TFP in my Sienna. She'll stay that way until she hits the weight limit or maybe I'll turn her at 4. That was my original plan, but I'm flexible...I don't have any compelling reason to flip her, so that's how she'll stay for now.

    I turned her a couple of weeks ago in dh's Dodge Ram. It basically came down to convenience. She is in the middle, between the two older girls. Dh wants her separating them because of the bickering. Anyway, between the truck sitting so high and the MA being so high on its base, it was a total pain getting dd in her seat. Then, I'd have to either make one of the girls wait around while I buckled dd, reach over one of them, or have them buckle her. I usually had them buckle her, but the bigger she got, it was getting harder for them to manage. Dh also kept asking me if/when I would turn her.

    Even with all that hassle, I would have left her rfing in there because I really didn't want to use her MA ffing...but I had scored a FR85 and LOVED how it fit her. With her being nearly 4, I felt comfortable enough with turning her in his truck. I told her from the start that she would stay rfing in my van and she has never made a peep about it. If she states a strong preference after she turns 4, I'll probably flip her in my van.
    Abbysnail ~ 11 ~ Maui FR85 (booster mode) and Leopard Olli
    Chica ~ 9.5 ~ Pink Monterey and Julius Olli
    Loveybug ~ 3.5 ~ rfing in a Cranberry TFP and ffing in a FR85

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    CPS Technician Mom2FiveGirls's Avatar
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    Sep 2009

    Re: When DID you flip??

    DD1-10 months old because her pediatrician told me I should because her "neck muscles were strong enough". She was obviously not a year old and was around 17 lbs...

    DD2-Around 18 months. The same pediatrician told me I needed to keep her RFing because she had low tone issues. She had medical and developmental problems and was very small. At her 12 month check up she was 12 lbs 15 oz. She was around 18 pounds or so when I turned her FFing (again after the pediatrician said I needed to because I needed to be able to see her if she got sick and got choked or had trouble breathing...both of which were concerns, but a mirror would have worked...

    DD3-12 months, around 16 lbs

    DD4-12 months, 23 lbs

    DD5-12 months, 22 lbs

    Then I learned better. I turned DD5 back RFing at 2 years 3 months old (don't remember her weight, but definitely less than 30 lbs because she was in a comfort sport and still fit in it RFing). DD4 was later turned back RFing until she outgrew the MyRide as well (just before she turned 5...she went back and forth between RFing and FFing). DD5 is now 4.5 and I turned her FFing for good last week She's now 38-39 lbs and only has an inch or so before she hits the 1 inch mark in her MA70 so she's too close to the weight limit for my liking (especially now that its cold and she's wearing more layers. She was 39.2 lbs on the way out the door this morning. I'm almost considering buying a radian/diono because she keeps asking to be RFing again, but I know that's kinda crazy at her age/size...
    Mom to: Alyssa (13 years, 5'4", seat belt) Makaela (12 years, 5'0", 78 lbs, 5 steps in most vehicles, cosco nbb in DH's truck) Sydney (10 years, 57", 68 lbs, Parkway SG, literider) Lillian (8 years, 75 lbs, 54" Parkway SGL, literider) Ella (7 years, 48 lbs, 48", CA65, Frontier85)

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    CPS Fanatic
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    Feb 2011
    I turned dd at like 7 months. I still feel horrible. I did rf her from 3-3.5 again. Ds is now almost 2 and happily rf still.

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    Carseat Crazy truckerswife's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in my van all three kids are RF but my husband got a 1995 Chevy pickup in November and I tried but could only fit two RF seats so ds is FF in the pickup he was 26 months The girls will stay RF to the limits of there seats in the truck and all three kids to the limits in the van
    Crystal mommy to Thing 1, 4 years old RF in a Radian 65 Thing 2, 3 years old RF in a Complete Air 65 Thing 3 2 years old RF in a Complete Air 65 Thing 4 , 9 month's old in a MyRide & Thing 5 due Spring 2014

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    Senior Community Member VoodooChile's Avatar
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    Jan 2007

    Re: When DID you flip??

    I flipped dd (once I had her Marathon--she was ff in her Titan for a few months, VERY long story), at 31 months when she hit the 33 lb limit. I didn't want to get a Dorel seat (she hated my mom's Scenera and *I* hated the AOE), and there were no other 35 lb options of which I was aware.
    Ds has not flipped in my car yet; he's still pretty young though (3 in March).
    Dd 10/2005--Incognito
    Ds 3/2009--Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro, Clek Oobr

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    CPS Technician hrice's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    Re: When DID you flip??

    My oldest was FF at 12mos.

    I just turned Colton a week or so ago at 3 1/2 yrs old. I did it to make buckling easier for my 10yo in his booster. I am able to get a FF RN closer to the door than a RF RN. He is now FF in DH's car too (in there maybe 1x per week) and still RF in my mom's.
    Heather, proud mommy to:
    Dustin 12y & 105 lbs 5-stepped/Seatbelt only
    Colton 6y & 43lb FF RXT/Pinnacle/FR90
    Peyton 5y & 38lb FF in Sureride/FR90/FR85

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    CPS Technician Brigala's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Pacific Northwest

    Re: When DID you flip??

    My FF kids are 16 & nearly 18 years old.

    I flipped them at 1 & 20. In YDS's case, he was in a RF convertible because he hit 20 lbs long before a year, and I'm sure I turned him around on his 1st birthday because I was "supposed" to. In ODS's case, I can't recall if I ever used his convertible RF or not. He was not yet 20 lbs when he hit a year. I remember his pediatrician telling me I could turn him FF before a year (maybe 9 or 10 months) because his head control was so good, but I wanted to follow the directions on his car seat so I'm pretty sure I waited until he was both 1 & 20, which probably happened around 13-14 months or so.

    I didn't know about ERF, but since I was involved in a major wreck with ODS when he was only 3 months old, I did take car seat safety very seriously and tried to do the best I could with what I knew at the time.

    DD is 16 months old, weighs about 22 lbs, and I have no plans to FF her any time soon at all.
    Mom to 2 adults and 2 little kids.
    Tall 8 year old in Incognito; Petite 3 year old RF in CA65

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    rural nevada

    Re: When DID you flip??

    I first flipped my son to FF at 13 months when my daughter was born. I had heard some about ERF but I hadnt spent any time on it and didn't understand the important. When he was 2 and she was 1, I turned my son back to RF after having done much research on it. They are both currently still RFing at 3 yrs 8 months and 2 yrs 7 months. Bear will probably turn in March or April though, when he turns 4 because I will be having #3 in March. It makes more sense financially for me to buy him a harness to booster seat and pass his triumph down, than to buy another convertible and then a new seat for him too and have a convertible sitting around losing life and use.

    I am hoping to make it to 4 with my daughter and #3 as well
    Mommy to Bear, ERF at 4 ys in a Radian RXT Dot, ERF at 3 yrs in a Graco Myride65
    And Silas, born March 16, 2012, Onboard35 Air

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    CPS Technician ericarizo's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    The Great Northwest
    DS1, DD1 and DS2 were all about 18mo's because that's when they hit 20 lbs. That was 16, 12 and 6 years ago. DD2 was 4yrs and 35lbs and DS3 just turned 2 and is still RF. He's 22lbs.
    Erica: CPST. Mom to 5 beautiful Children: Roberto(17.5)Seat belt, Marayah(13)Seat belt, Dauntae(7.5)Bubble Bum, Connext LBB, Literider LBB, Turbo LBB, Keiani(5) Pkwy HBB, Affix HBB, Amp HBB, Santiago(3)Frontier85

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    CPS Fanatic BabyKaykes's Avatar
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    May 2007
    18mths in his dads car, because it was way tiny and the seat didn't fit RF.

    4.5yo in the main car because that's when he outgrew the RN65 by weight (35lb).
    10yo in a Connext
    1yo in a Coccoro
    Babe in a Comfy Carry

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    Senior Community Member mcomommy's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Outer Space

    Re: When DID you flip??

    I flipped at 11.75 months because it close enough to a year and she was 28lbs I did not know about ERFing.

    I had to flip her for a few months right after her second birthday until we could afford a seat the rear faced to a higher weight. She went forward facing permanently around 3.25 years.

    Flipped on his third birthday. His green (favorite color) Nautilus was actually one of his gifts, he was so excited

    Now that I know about ERFing my personal min. is 3 years old and then it is the kids choice, my kids both wanted to FF right around then anyways.
    E wife to J and homeschooling mommy to
    M 11 years in a seatbelt
    C 9 years in a Graco Affix BB
    O 7 years in a Graco Affix HBB
    H 3 years in a Chicco Nextfit

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    CPS Technician CrunchyMaineMama's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Southern Maine

    Re: When DID you flip??

    DD was technically turned at 3yrs 3mo, but didn't ride FFing until 3yrs 9mo. She hit 35lbs at 3y3m so we turned her MA in DH's car, but she is almost never in it and didn't end up riding FFing until we got her FR85 for my vehicle at 3y9m.
    I had really planned on RFing her until she maxed out her MR. I would have preferred to have kept her RFing until at least 4, but I was getting a little worn out having her RFing and she had just a small amount of growth left RFing in her MR. So I took the Wayfair deal on the FR as a sign that it was time to turn her. (Not the best reasoning, I know and I'm still debating scraping up the money to get an RXT to turn her back)
    Rachel-CPST & Mom to 4 Now!
    J-7 Recaro Performance/Nauti, A-4.5 Frontier 85/Nauti, O-3.5 RFing Size4Me/RXT and M-3.5, RFing Size4Me/RXT

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    Ambassador jess71903's Avatar
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    Re: When DID you flip??

    I flipped Gage at his 3rd birthday, because DH insisted and I was finally (kind of) comfortable with it.

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    Re: When DID you flip??

    I voted twice...for DS1 I knew NOTHING about ERF, so he was flipped at 11.5 mos. With DS2, he JUST flipped at 3.5 at Christmas, and both DD's will be RF'ing to hopefully 3.5, ideally 4.

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