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    Exclamation Eddie Bauer High Back Booster

    Having just found out our Eddie Bauer High Back Booster is no longer recommended by Consumer Reports (even more so than other boosters with similar issues), I wrote a review at Epinions in hopes that people will make an educated decision when deciding whether or not to purchase this seat.

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    Thank you for sharing this, I have an Eddie Bauer high back booster seat and my daughter just hit 40 pounds a few months ago. We switched to a BPB and I thought that it didn't look as safe (but what do I know, right?). We will be replacing her seat ASAP.

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    Darren's response to CR's opinion on this type of belt guide is in the FAQ.

    Q29: Consumer Reports said my booster may be unsafe! What should I do?

    With any booster model, a child can put slack in the seatbelt. The shoulder belt guides of certain combination boosters can catch the shoulder belt, preventing the retractor from taking in the slack. These boosters can still be used safely! Proper supervision is always necessary for squirmy kids or escape artists. Many children can compromise their safety by unlatching seatbelt and harness buckles, escaping various types of carseats and by putting shoulder belts behind their backs while in boosters. With proper installation, instruction and supervision, the problem shoulder belt guides identified by Consumer Reports can still be used safely. First, make absolutely sure to follow the instructions in the carseat manual and make sure there is no slack in the seatbelt during the trip. On taller children, these guides may not even be needed since the shoulder belt may already fit correctly without the guides. Finally, some vehicles have locking seatbelt mechanisms. If you pull the seatbelt all the way out, it will lock, taking up all the slack as it retracts and then preventing the child from pulling the belt out again.
    Personally, I've been rather unimpressed with Consumer Reports. For products which I've taken the time to thoroughly research (such as car seats and air purifiers), I've found their ratings to be well, worthless.
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    Re: Eddie Bauer High Back Booster

    For what it's worth, I've never used my Edde Bauer like this as a Booster so I haven't had any problems. We actually have two of these (one in my truck, one in my husbands), they have been used by my oldest and now my second DD, I have always taken them out when they get to the 40 pounds and plan on doing that with DD2 that is in it now.

    I am currently shopping for a 5 point for my oldest DD, she is about 44" and 48 lbs because I feel that seats only as a booster are not the safest way to go, IMO 5-point is the safest! Hence I would say if people have this Eddie Bauer that the 5-point way would be safer then the regular seat belt in this seat and in any other seat, Correct?

    At any rate, if anyone has any information about this seat being unsafe or "too out of date" for even a 5-point harness please let everyone know. It works fine for us, but I like to have the most up to date information when it comes to my childrens safety (I have two other children that will eventually grow into and use the Eddie Baurer so Iwant it to continue to be the safest for them).

    Thank you!



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