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    Re: Help me pick a vacuum for hard floors

    Gah. Not to sound ungrateful, but my mom bought me a Hoover Windtunnel bagged canister for Christmas. After reading everyone's replies, I was pretty set on getting the Lift-away Pro. But alas, her DH is um....socially sensitive and offended easily, so DH wouldn't let me return it. It works, its better than my broken Electrolux, but its heavy as hell, doesn't work great on the hardwood, and has solidified my desire for an upright. Is it terrible that Im secretly hoping it dies a quick death so I'm not stuck using this beast for the next 5-10 years?
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    Re: Help me pick a vacuum for hard floors

    I don't think you are bad for hoping it dies a quick death. If it ends up being like the Hoover we had, it might!

    I am liking the Shark Lift Away Pro very much after the first week, mainly because that thing does have some great suction! It's also light, which is nice, and easy to push. I love how you can turn the brush roll off to use on the bare floors (for us, on the tile and laminate).

    I have found one minor annoyance, but the suction power and ease of use trump it so I will just deal: while the cord is long, there is no good way to keep it out of the way so I have to be really careful to not trip over it while vacuuming as well as trying to not run it over. So far, that's my only complaint. I do hope that it's suctioning ability lasts because I love it so far!

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    Re: Help me pick a vacuum for hard floors

    I have one of the original Navigators... about 3.5 years old... and it still works very well!

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