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    Quick reference of seats compliant for 2012 and how to know

    This thread may remain a work in progress, but due to the number of people expressing confusion and wanting a concise list, I'm going to put together a quick reference list by brand. There are a few seats that I can't give precise information on, but I have info on most brands.

    Baby Trend: Production changed in the neighborhood of the 19th to 26th of September, 2011. I can't recall what the date is, but I believe there weren't any made for a little while before that.


    Production date change was near the end of July I believe. In the case of all the infant/child seats, the minimum ff'ing weight limit has increased from 20 to 22lbs. So any seat reflecting a 22lb minimum ff'ing limit and walking unassisted is 2012 compliant. The Frontier XT production changed at the same time I believe, I'm not sure about the infant seats although I believe that all of the B-Safe seats meet new standards.

    Chicco Keyfit: Sept 21 is the DOM on our display at work. There is no labelling on the seat stating the handle is required to be up, but the pictures show the handle up and the manual has numerous red box warnings in it indicating that the handle must be in the carry position when in the vehicle, so this will be the defining factor.

    Cosco/Dorel/Safety 1st - See this thread here for more specific info:
    Dorel is denying the accuracy of the list now, but while incomplete, it appears to be accurate based on what we know for sure.

    Infant Seats:

    Maxi-Cosi - handle required up in car is compliant, if it isn't required up, it's not compliant
    On Board/Sure Fit - I'm not sure the exact date change. There are some that required the handle up but weren't compliant to new standards - or weren't shipped as compliant anyways. I think they've been compliant since around May or so. If I have a chance to check the book at work I'll be able to tell you exactly how to differentiate compliant and non-compliant - they changed something with the placement of the little maple leaf and number code on the side stickers of the seat. I have seen one seat made in November 2010 which is compliant. I'm not sure if all of the On Board seats switched to compliancy at the same time or not. (Sometimes there are multiple shell molds that can influence something like that.)
    Designer 22 based seats - Manual revision for the Designer 22 Starter Infant Seat is November 4, 2010. Seats prior to that won't be compliant. Seats after that may or may not be compliant depending on what manual/stickers they were shipped with.

    Infant/Child seats:

    This one may be a gray zone on the Scenera based seats - there aren't any physical modifications made to the Scenera shell and I haven't seen the manual for the seat we carry based on the Scenera. If it says walking unassisted in it then that will be the defining difference but I'm not sure they added that wording to the Scenera manual yet.

    Complete Air : 2012 compliant models
    - now has an adjustable base on all models
    - ff'ing weight limit raised to 65lbs
    - walking unassisted clearly stated as a requirement for ff'ing both in the manual and on the stickers of the seat.
    - dual line recline indicator.
    - change in shape at the front of the seat. (I will be posting pictures of the difference between old and new shape in a blog post once I get the review of the updated Complete Air 65 seat done for - preliminary view can be seen on the unboxing video.

    Infant/child/booster seats: 2012 compliant models
    - the elite models had the "tabs" for adjusing the harness height changed from red to gray
    - elite models have the handle for adjusting recline changed to gray. (regular models still have red handle.)
    - rf'ing weight limit is raised to 40lbs, ff'ing weight limit raised to 65lbs
    - have dual line indicators.
    - shell is visibly different at the front edges where a child's hands would rest
    - walking unassisted clearly stated as a requirement for ff'ing both in the manual and on the stickers of the seat.
    - rf'ing height limit raised to 36"

    Child/booster: I don't know what changed with the summit - nothing obvious and again, I haven't seen the manual because our store has started putting manuals in security bags and storing them in a drawer... If they have put walking unassisted in these manuals, that will be the defining factor. (They probably have given that the complete air and 3in1's all have it.)

    Booster seats: I'm not sure about these


    All Diono branded seats are compliant.


    ~sorry about the wonky table formatting~
    Model Name Model Number (begins with) Compliant As Of
    Amp High Back 319 10 October 2011
    Big Kid No-back Booster 279 9 August 2011
    Big Kid Booster 309 5 January 2011
    Chase 329 16 June 2011
    Embrace 331 30 June 2011
    Embrace 35 315 22 August 2011
    Generations 65 376 20 June 2011
    Momentum 385 26 September 2011
    Secure Ride 541 12 July 2011
    SureRide all all
    Symphony 65 345 7 October 2011
    Symphony 65 346 7 October 2011
    Titan 65 all all
    Titan Elite 370 30 August 2011
    Triumph Advance 65 382 7 September 2011

    First years/Lamaze:

    Infant Seat: Lamaze branded Via 35 - compliant
    Infant/child: Lamaze branded True Fit is compliant. At present it looks like only the C670 anti-rebound model is compliant.
    Booster seats: Not sure about this one

    Graco: It appears that all seats that are compliant have a model number which begins with "18"

    Infant seats:
    SR30 (not the safeseat, the actual snugride 30 model.) - all SR30 are compliant.
    SR35 - handle required up in vehicle will be the biggest indicator. A sticker on one side of the handle reflects the requirement. Shape at the front lip of the seat has changed as well. Minimum weight limit on compliant seats is 4lbs.
    SR22 - 2012 seats must have the handle left up in vehicle. Seats which allow A, D, or E aren't compliant to 2012 standards.

    Infant/child seats:

    My Ride: Model # begins with 18 is compliant. Will have different insert/head pillow, and different buckle from original my ride.
    Comfort Sport: Not sure about this one. If it is passing, the ff'ing weight limit will have to be increased to 22lbs.

    Nautilus: Ff'ing weight limit increased to 22lbs. - Change happened in production in May of 2011 at the latest - it may have been before that but the display at my BRU store is May 30, 2011 DOM.
    Not sure if the Cargo will still be around - if it is, the minimum ff'ing weight limit will be increased to 22lbs.

    Turbobooster: I don't know the date change on these. I can check the dates on our seats at work and come up with an approximate time frame, but it won't be precise.

    Peg Perego: I'm not sure on this one. The 30/30 is definitely compliant once it arrives. The 2011 Peg seats are compliant but I'm not sure what date manufacturing switched over.

    Sunshine Kids: Change to Monterey info

    No Sunshine Kids branded seat is 2012 compliant. Some passed by crash testing but not by labelling or manuals.

    **January 9, 2012 - Diono has indicated to a few people that some of the SK branded Monterey seats are compliant to the updated standards. The shoulder belt guides were changed at one point in the Monterey's during the 2011 production, so perhaps this is the division? I requested clarification but haven't received it.
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