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    Driver's seatbelt question.

    The other day I accidentally shut the van door on the seatbelt and the little button on the seat belt popped off. Now the male end of the buckle drops to the floor and is really annoying to fetch. Can I put a baby pin through the original hole to hold it up? And is the button repairable or am I going to have to replace the entire seatbelt? 2007 Ford Freestar if that info is necessary.
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    Re: Driver's seatbelt question.

    I had to pop that piece off to install a car seat once. If you could buy at plastic button part somewhere it would be easy put on. I just put a small piece of sticky velcro (the soft side) on it where the button had been.

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    Re: Driver's seatbelt question.

    You can order a new one. When I did it to my car, I used binder clips because I had them at work at it wouldn't put an extra hole in the seat belt. From my thread about the same problem

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