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    CARES Harness for larger kids?

    We have the CARES harness and love it when we fly places we don't need a carseat at the other end (i.e. NYC or in-law's) but we are getting ready to start using it more often now that I ordered a GO Hybrid for DS that can't be used on the plane like the Scenera he's almost outgrown. So I went over to the CARES site to double check the weight limits and noticed there's an exemption for kids (and adults) with special needs who are over 44 lbs. DS isn't special needs but I'd feel better about him having a harness as long as possible. Has anyone tried to get an exemption for kids WITHOUT special needs?

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    Re: CARES Harness for larger kids?

    Once the kid fits the lap belt properly and is at least 40 lbs. and 3 or 4 years, I am not so worried about a lap-only on a plane if there's a safe seat available for the destination. I'm ok with using a CARES a little above the HEIGHT limit if it otherwise fits properly, but not the weight limit. Basically a CARES used over the weight limit for a kid or adult with special medical needs who needs support, is being used like a positioning harness in a special needs booster- not for restraint, just to keep the kid in position for the restraint to work.
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    Re: CARES Harness for larger kids?

    As Ketchupqueen has said a lap belt on an aircraft seat (provided it fits properly of course) is safe. However, if you do wish to have something more than just the lap belt for peace of mind, and the CARES harness is outgrown, the only options I can think of are the Crelling Harnesses model 27 or HSB1.

    The HSB1 only comes in the size "9yrs-Adult" and I don't really know exactly what that equates to in terms of actual measurements. I do know however this model of harness is used by Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet.

    The model 27 is a little more complicated but does come in a much wider range of sizes. If you do investigate the Crelling Harness, please be aware that Crelling themselves recommend contacting the given airline to check whether or not they allow use of the harness. From the two or three times I have contacted Crelling I have found their customer service excellent.

    I hope you find a solution.

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