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    need travel advice - underweight for booster


    I have a 43 inch, 38 pound 5.5 year old daughter. In our car, she's in a FF Britax Frontier 85 using the 5-pt harness (Marathon for grandparent's car).

    We're flying soon (cares harness on plane) and I'm loathe to bring the carseat with us (airline broke it last time we traveled - a huge pain and expense for dad to run out and buy new carseat while we wait at the airport).

    We'll be driving about a 1/2 hour from airport to friend's house, small trips of 1 or 2 miles to a restaurant, library, whatever during the trip, and then back to the airport.

    Would any of you use a backless booster (which she's technically too light for) in this situation? I'd be happy to buy one for the trip (and risk having that lost/damaged rather than our main carseat), but I don't have a good sense of what difference those 2 pounds make.


    Thanks so much!

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    Re: need travel advice - underweight for booster

    Harmony Juvenile has a 30 minimum. . .

    Since it is for occasional use, I wouldn't be too concerned, especially given her age and weight. As with all seats, each step up offers less protection. At the same time, a properly used no back booster has been show to reduce injuries and provide adequate crash protection for kids.

    I would be concerned that DD would not be able to stay seated properly because she's not used to being in a booster and is in a new, novel place or she will become tired and fall asleep.

    On this board, your DD is on the low end of booster use. However, she is within the range for booster use. For a 5 year old, w/o any special needs, booster vs. 5 pt is a parental decision, with maturity/behavior, space/seating needs (ease of use, need seats for multiple vehicles, needs of other passengers, head support or not), and finances as factors.

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    Re: need travel advice - underweight for booster

    Yeah, I'd go get a Harmony Literider from Walmart ($13 I think) and take it on board as a carry-on.

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