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    :-D DS rode FF for the first time on Friday....

    He's 17 months, and 25 lbs. I was at the carwash vacuuming out the car. We were done, and there were two cars waiting to use the vacuum, so I was hurrying. I started to reinstall his seat RF, but it's not fast or easy, and I know installing it FF is (it's a MA). So....I put it FF, and buckled him in. OMG! He rode the whole way GRIPPING the sides of his car seat and looking rather alarmed! LOL! Suffice to say I IMMEDIATELY turned him back around as soon as we got home. He'll stay RF until he either gets too tall, or hits 33 lbs. Which will be quite some time.

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    I was all prepared to tell you about the benefits of extended rear-facing, then read the rest of your post and was ROFL!
    I'm glad you turned him back around again, poor little guy!
    You must be in some lucky area to have had a nice enough day to go to the car wash. Aaaahh, sunshine.... I am waiting for you...
    Melanie, CPS Tech and mom to Tori (24) Benjamin (13) and Lucian (9), still in a Harmony Cruz.

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    OMG! I hope Janice sees this! She described the EXACT situation from the other day when Cias rode FF for the first time! Gripping the sides of the seat in utter fear...

    After being at lifesavers, she's decided that even the extreme inconvenience of installing her seat RF in her truck is worth it (Now I can't even remember which workshop it was, but when Darren asked about how kids fared in crashes who were rearfacing, the presenter's eyes lit up and she said RF kids usually did beautifully in even terrible could tell she was ALL for extended RF!)
    CPST since 2003, pu"R"ple since 2008, three kids growing too fast since 1997, 1999 and 2006

    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

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    Heehee.. Cias did that last Tuesday..... right before I left for Lifesavers I turned his seat around in dh's truck b/c it was so hard to install rf.. . After going to the side impact protection workshop, I decided that he's going back rf until I absolutly have NO choice but to turn him. I'm sure by the time he reaches 33 pounds, a higher rf weight limit seat will be out. That would be awesome!!!!!

    Cias didn't like it either.. He was scared the whole time. He doesn't talk much, so he didn't say anything, but he spent most of the ride(a 2 hour round trip) gripping the sides of his seat totally freaked out. I found myself driving slower and more cautiously too.... LOL.. I should drive like that more often.

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