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    My kids must be shaped weird or something.

    DD11yrs is 5'1.5" tall, weighs 82 lbs and has a 21 inch tall torso. She outgrew the Husky top slot only last December.

    DS7yrs (will be 8 in 4 weeks) is 4'3" tall, his weight fluctuates between 44-52 lbs (he has an eating disorder) ans his torso is 17 inches. He is just even with the top slots of the MA but has about an inch and a half left until he hits the top slots of the Radian, and about 3 inches until the top slots of the Husky.

    DD5yrs is 47 inches tall, weighs 58 lbs and has a 16.5 inch tall torso. She has about a half inch left until she is even with the top slots of the MA (but we are moving her out of it because the buckle strap is shorter than the tops of her legs and she gets pinched and it is a fight to get it buckled because the sides of the seat keep her from moving her legs out of the way) She is just even with the second to top slots of the Radian, and could use the second to top slots on the Husky for quite a while yet.

    So my question is how do these kids who are average height still fit in the carseats other peoples average height kids seem to outgrow so much sooner. Everybody else's kids seem to get to tall for the MA at around 6. My youngest two even fit the Graco 20lb, Snug Ride for a whole year, and the FPSEi for almost two years.

    I'm not complaining that my kids still fit or anything I'm just baffled at how this is possible.


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    Re: My kids must be shaped weird or something.

    Well, Mikayla has a 15-15.5 inch torso and is even with the top slots on the MA. A lot of it has to do with the angle of the seat in the car, as a lot of people note that their kids fit differently when the seat is just inside on the floor instead of installed in the car. It also has to do with how kids sit differently in the seat - with their butt pushed forward further, or more to the back, etc.
    Aaric, I have no clue what his torso height currently is. He's even with the 2nd slots down on the Husky, and Mikayla is even with the 3rd slots down, so I'd guess he's 17-17.5 inches, and has FAR outgrown the Marathon. I mean, his shoulders are about halfway between the top slot and the top of the seat.
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    Re: My kids must be shaped weird or something.

    (See siggy for stats.) My daughter has about an inch of torso growth in her Marathon -- I'm expecting that she'll still be in it on her sixth birthday. Some kids just *do* fit in seats longer.
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    Re: My kids must be shaped weird or something.

    Hayley has grown 10 total inches in height and only grown 2 inches in the torso, and her dad is over six feet tall but has a very short torso and long legs, so I could see her growing another 10 inches (making her almost 5 feet tall) and still possibly fitting in the Husky/Regent. It would be awesome if she did! As a toddler she was ALL torso, but now she is ALL leg; about 17-17.25 inch torso, at 4 feet, 1 inch tall. Still a bit longer in the torso than your ds, she was too tall for a Marathon with a 16ish inch torso, at about 3 feet 10 inches tall.

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    Re: My kids must be shaped weird or something.

    Well my kids fit in regular infant seats until a year. They could have used the Safeseat until they were 2... they still have ample room in the Marathon.

    I won't complain either because they still fit. But I feel bad that other people's kids don't.

    Just reminds me to stick with short kids! Lol.
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