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    Madsen cargo bike deal

    They're doing pre-orders on the 2012s for $1,100 plus shipping. It works out to $1,286. That's about 25% less than what we paid, and I would pay full price again in a heartbeat. I adore mine, and this is a screaming deal.

    plus, now they have pink.

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    Re: Madsen cargo bike deal

    What do you put in the cargo hold?

    I find it odd that this is in the deals section because $1,286 does not sound like a deal to me.

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    Re: Madsen cargo bike deal

    I guess it's all relative.

    In the cargo hold?

    1. my kids. It has two benches with two seatbelts each. It's about 1,000 times easier to ride than my old bike and trailer combo
    2. groceries
    3. all our pool stuff
    4. car seats. no, really. I've sold a few NIB ones in my neighborhood, and picked up a few expireds off porches
    5. about 4 hours worth of purchases at the neighborhood garage sale (including a sand/water table)
    6. ds's bike after I drop him off or before I pick him up.
    7. folding chairs and picnic for the concerts in the park
    8. a few smaller items when we were moved a few blocks away (and cleaning supplies after I cleaned the old house)
    9. all the items I volunteered for ds's kindergarten fun day, including a cooler

    you get the idea. almost all of those are with at least one kid back there as well.

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