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    Insurance is trying to rip us off and not cover new car seats!

    Okay so, a few weeks ago we where coming home from town and DH hit a cow! :0 He was going 55mph (speed limit) and there was an oncoming truck, It was a very dark night and I was sitting in the passengers seat. Well, Because of the glare from the other trucks lights on the windshield and cuz it was a really dark night... Neither of us saw the cow until we were right up on it! He swerved and still hit the cow on the drivers side. The whole left side of the truck needs to be replaced.

    He has been talking on and off to the insurance company for a while now about it, when he first called to report it the guy we talked to asked if there where car seats in there and DH had it on speaker phone and I said yes and that they HAD to be replaced! And the guy on the phone said, "Yes, You wife is right, they do have to be replaced." Well, since then, an adjuster came out to look at it and he said damages were $15,000- $20,000... But then yesterday Insurance called and said there sending a check for $6,something... I'm not to worried about that since the guy fixing the truck said that all he has to do is send them something saying there off and they will send him another check. (our deductible is $500.) anyways, I've been telling DH to ask about the car seats because I know that usually, you have to buy them and the insurance reimburse you... But thing is, we really dont have the money right now to go out and buy 3 new car seats! So, I wanted him to ask them if we could just tell them what we want and they buy them or something like that... He FINALLY asked the lady on the phone yesterday and she say's, I dont think your car seats are covered on your insurance! And she puts him on hold to find out, She comes back on the line and asked if they where all damaged, and I say, well yeah, All 3 of them WHERE in the truck in the accident! DUH!!! And she said, well, I have to look into this more and I will call you back... Well, She never called back.. DH says I'm making a big deal about it but I dont think so. Either way, they are getting replaced! But if my insurance DONT cover it, I will be dropping them because I know that I am right on this one...

    Is there anything anyone knows that might help me? Anything I should tell them or do?

    I am just really mad about this! Thank God I have 3 car seats for my van too! I wouldnt be going anywhere if I didnt have car seats for my kids! But I know its not right that they are trying to deny the car seats to me... I know its cuz they dont know that I know my rights about it and there are a lot of people that just dont know any better and they think that I will shut up and they will save money or something! But its not going to happen, I dont care how mad DH gets at me... If they dont cover these car seat, I will be switching company's!!! Period!

    Anyways, sorry about the rant, I am just really mad about this right now and not sure what I need to do. Thanks!

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    You should forward them a copy of the manual were is says the must be replaced after any accident(assuming they're not Britax)

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    Re: Insurance is trying to rip us off and not cover new car seats!

    It's actually common for insurance companies to not replace seats when you're filing a claim against your own policy. My understanding is in that case they're generally considered personal property and not covered.

    If someone else is at fault and their insurance is paying? They usually get replaced then, though it sometimes requires a bit of a fight.

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    Re: Insurance is trying to rip us off and not cover new car seats!

    My insurance company replaced mine, accident was my fault, and they paid out on my vehicle and the other persons (including a seat in the other vehicle). I had to turn in my crashed seat to them, and they cut me a check on the spot...

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    Re: Insurance is trying to rip us off and not cover new car seats!

    There is a helpful thread in the Articles forum on getting insurance to replace crashed seats.
    Melissa, CPST and Mom to three

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    Re: Insurance is trying to rip us off and not cover new car seats!

    You need to reread your policy very closely to see how they handle carseat replacement. It may be under comprehensive or personal property, not collision.

    There is no question whether the carseats need to be replaced. The question is whether your insurance company is legally obligated to pay for them, and the answer to that depends on your policy.
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