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    Pre-K field trip

    DS is 4 years old, 36 lbs. He currently rides the school bus every day for 2 1/2 blocks each way to and from school. I am not 100% comfortable with this, since he is too little for the compartmentalization to help out, but there is no other way to get him to and from school since I work and he is too young to walk it by himself. I have resigned myself to it since it is only a short distance, never going over 15-20 mph.

    However, now I have an issue. They are going to be doing a field trip to a bigger city about 1 1/2 hours away for a performance, which means highway driving. I thought about driving him, but practically I don't know that I can make it work. I need my vacation time for maternity leave and would have to buy my own ticket (not a big deal, except that I am hearing that they may already be sold out). DH can't take him as he has no vacation time at all (and thinks I am being silly worrying about it).

    I guess I am just looking for reassurance that it will be okay if I let him go. Or tell me I shouldn't even consider letting him go, unless I can drive him. GAH - some days I almost think it would be better to NOT know about this stuff
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    Re: Pre-K field trip

    Hi there. I understand your concern. Hopefully we can figure out a solution. What kind of bus is it? Is it a full size yellow school bus? Are there seat belts on the bus? I'm guessing not. Do any of the students ride harnessed? There are harness systems specifically designed for bus seats that don't require seat belts. I would start by contacting the transportation department and asking if they have any of these. If not, perhaps they can be persuaded to purchase some for the preschool children. If they refuse, maybe you can purchase one for use by your son.

    This is the NHTSA's Guideline for the Safe Transportation of Preschool Age Children in School Buses. Might be worth printing out and giving to the head of the transportation department and/or the preschool director. There isn't a federal law requiring harnesses for preschool children... not sure about individual state or district requirements. It's kind of like the RF to 2 years guideline... it's a national guideline, and we know it's safer, but it's not a law.

    I personally would not allow my preschool child to ride without a harness. I was actually in a very similar predicament recently. I drive my 3yo to school but they had a bus field trip to another city. They said that the students would not be harnessed, but I forwarded the above link to the preschool director and my son's teacher, and they made a last-minute (morning of the trip!) decision to harness the preschoolers.
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    Re: Pre-K field trip

    Seth is 5 yrs and 35lbs. His pre-k class is going on a field trip next week. He will not be riding the bus because he is too small so I will be keeping him out of school that day and driving him myself, but he won't be a part of the trip with his class and his friends.

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    Re: Pre-K field trip

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Jack View Post
    \some days I almost think it would be better to NOT know about this stuff
    I understand! I've been feeling that way trying to figure out what to do about my recently turned 5 year old and school field trips. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. But if you're feeling uncomfortable about him riding the bus to school, I think your feelings are valid and that it would be completely reasonable for you to walk him that 2.5 blocks if that made you feel better. I seem to be the only parent at our school who has chosen to take my DD to and from school instead of using the bus since she is so small/young, so I understand your feelings about that. Good luck!

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