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    Carseat Crazy kidnurse's Avatar
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    Complete Air questions....

    About the same time that I left state for the summer for work, there was a lot of contreversy about the "rules" of use for the Complete Air. I am wondering what the official end results were.

    My son is over 38" now, but can I still go by the 1" from the top rule for RF?
    Also is it allowable to install at the 45 degree angle?

    Or is this all still parental discretion?


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    CPS Technician swtgi1982's Avatar
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    Bay City, MI
    Parental choice for sure. But the newer ones soon to be released will have both lines. The 45 line and 30 line so if that helps you feel better about it then I am glad to have helped. Besides that they have stated it passed testing all the way from 45 up to 30 degrees but will not formally recommends the more upright on older models.
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    CPS Technician Ninetales's Avatar
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    They are still holding firm to the 40" height limit too.

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    CPS Technician lourdes's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    I think is a parental choice like many other decisions that we made as parents, I have the CA and is not at 45 angle and my DD is 37 inches height and still have like 5 or 6 inches left, she will stay RF until she has 1 inch left
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