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Thread: 2004 BMW 530i

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    2004 BMW 530i

    Is it possible to fit 3 car seats in the new 530i? My specific situation would require 2 boosters and an infant car seat. Then after a year, 2 boosters and a convertible car seat? To my knowledge, the Britax Starriser is the most narrow of all the booster seats. If anyone knows of a narrower one, please advise.

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    I saw the 530 at the auto show a couple weeks ago. It seemed to be wider than the average midsize sedan. Unless you have an unlucky combination of seats, I'd think three would fit. The Starriser is pretty narrow, and it has adjustable width for bigger kids, too.

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    Right now I have a 330i and have two children. One is 6 and weighs 50lbs and the other is 4 and just hit 40lbs. They are in the Evenflo booster without the back. My lease is up in June so we went to look at the 530i over the weekend. Brought along the two Evenflo boosters an well as a Century convertible seat. ( I am not sure of the specific model on the Century). Point being, the 3 seats did not fit across the back of the 530i. I have seen the Britax Starriser, and it is definitely a few inches narrower than the Evenflo. I am pretty confident that I should be able to fit the two Starrisers with an infant seat and then later a convertible seat. I was just wondering if:
    1. Anyone had any firsthand experience. And, if
    2. Anyone had any recommendations on the narrower infant and convertible car seats out there.
    Thanks in advance.



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