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    harnessed booster with highest harness height?

    Asking this for a friend.
    My friend's DD is 8 and has CP. Had my friend known what she does now, she would have kept her DD in a harnessed seat much longer. She has a special needs booster seat in her main car. It has a neoprene harness that is strictly for positioning and the vehicle seatbelt does the restraining. It works well for her. That seat cannot be used on an airplane since it relies on the vehicle lap/shoulder belt for restraint. In her DH's car, she is in a HBB but my friend would like to get her a harnessed seat for that car if at all possible. She is also looking for a seat that can fit on an airplane for a trip in February. Her DD needs the carseat for positioning as she is too tight to sit properly on a regular airline seat and a lap belt is not enough to keep her upright. The only seat I can think of is a Frontier 85. I see it has a top slot of 19.5 inches. Her torso height is 19 inches. I didn't measure it, her DH did, so I'm not sure how completely accurate that is since the first measurement he gave me was from the top of her hips and I had to explain how to measure it over the phone.

    Can you think of any other seats that would be 5pt harness with slots above 19 inches and would be allowed on an airplane?

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    Re: harnessed booster with highest harness height?

    I'm not positive, but I don't think there are any. The only seats that harness taller than the Frontier85 are special needs seats, and I don't know if any of them are certified for aircraft use.
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    Re: harnessed booster with highest harness height?

    I would repost this in the special needs area. I think you'll be more likely to find someone who had experience w/an older child, special needs like CP, and flying.

    It would be helpful to know how much she weighs and how tall she is overall, in addition to making clear her torso height (is it actually 19"?). And can she sit up unassisted at all? For how long?



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    Re: harnessed booster with highest harness height?

    Have you looked at the websites of the airlines with which the family might fly? Some European airlines recommend/allow certain special needs items for use on board their aircraft, so I would imagine some North American airlines would have similar policies.

    The most popular of these is the Crelling Harness which would certainly be available in the correct size. I don’t know however which North American airlines allow it to be used on their aircraft. There is also the “The Burnett Upper Body Support” which Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet both approve however I can find no information about it at all. The links to the Virgin Atlantic and Easyjet pages, if at all useful, are below:

    Virgin Atlantic: Support Seating

    Easyjet: Passengers with Specific Requirements
    (under “Disabled Passengers with Additonal Seating Requirements”, about three quarters of the way down the page)

    If you do investigate the Crelling Harness, please be aware that Crelling themselves recommend contacting the given airline to check whether or not they allow use of the harness.

    I hope you find a solution,


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