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    Senior Community Member lpperry's Avatar
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    Coccoro on airplane photos

    My plane trip with Claudia was a huge success!

    I had a carry-on suitcase, purse, carseat, and Claudia to get through the airport and to our destination.

    I attached the Coccoro to my suitcase and Claudia rode through the airport in style! I used the latch connectors to attach the carseat to the suitcase. They didn't reach all the way around the suitcase, so I used a super short dog leash and a carabiner as a strap to connect everything. It was super fast and easy--I had to take everything off at security and then reattach.

    Claudia was supposed to be a lap baby, but I was hoping that there would be open seats and that Southwest would let me bring my car seat on the plane. There were plenty of open seats both there and back, and Southwest had no problem with my taking my carseat on board even though I didn't have a ticket for Claudia.

    The suitcase/Coccoro combo fit down the airplane isle, and I was able to wheel Claudia down the isle to find seats. I disconnected the Coccoro and easily got Claudia's seat installed without having to take Claudia out of the seat.

    The Coccoro fit rf in the airplane seat wonderfully. The arm rest could be down and the seat in front of us could recline. Claudia was very well behaved because she was in her seat. She ate some snacks and played with her toys.

    Claudia even got tired and took a nap.

    I am so glad that I took the seat on the plane. Claudia is pretty active at 10 months old and she would have been a difficult lap baby!

    Oliver (5 years) ff Radian RXT, Claudia (3 1/2 years) rf Radian RXT, Avery (2 years months) rf Coccoro, Vivian (3-14) rf Coccoro, Madeline (9) Literider,

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    Senior Community Member KaysKidz's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    She is adorable!!!! And she looks so much older than 10mo. At first I thought it was the glasses, but even the pic of her napping she looks older. I thought she was a super tiny almost 2yr old!
    Kay... Former CPST, Working Mom to SIX!
    27, 26, 20, 9, 9 and 7!
    'Grammy' to Sophia, Kyra,...and Elijah James

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    CPS Technician zactayaus's Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    I must say she is adorable!

    Zack 12/20/90 Taylor 5/11/98
    Austin 4/16/03 69lbs 58" Happily riding in Incognitos!
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    CPS Technician kate4478's Avatar
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    Adorable! <3 I love that the person in front od her could still recline. I always felt bad that the person infront of DS couldn't recline there seat.

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    Kate(CPST) - Mommy to Gage(5/18/07)
    FF in a Blaze Recaro Prosport & Cardinal Frontier 85 SICT

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    CPS Fanatic mlohry's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    So cute! I just had the thought today that I want to have another baby so I can buy a Cocorro, you are not helping this thought!
    Monica-former CPST, now just a car-seat safety freak.
    Samuel, 12 yrs, seat belt middle passenger row of our Odyssey.
    Mitchell, 10yrs, back row, Amp.
    Lucy, 6 years, booster. All of us occasionally ride in a Honda Fit.

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    Carseat Crazy BrookysMommy's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    She is too cute! I love the glasse!!

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    CPS Fanatic Rosey's Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    We love our CCO for plane rides as well. It even fits in narrow bulkhead seats!

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    CPS Fanatic monstah's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Sooo cute!!!

    I had an almost identical set up when I flew with my DD, I think she was almost 3 at the time. On the flight home, she fell asleep and I was able to get her off the airplane and install it in the car without ever taking her out. She woke up minutes from home, LOL!

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    Carseat Crazy Little Ps Mama's Avatar
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    Sep 2009

    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    Awesome pics! She is such a cutie pie and I LOVE her name!
    Lauren, mommy to:
    Philip 9/4/2008, Affix w/ SS
    Andrew 8/17/2010, harnessed Nauti
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    CPS Technician Kac's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    Thank you for sharing! She is adorable!

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    Senior Community Member Irishmama's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    Thanks for sharing the pics, she is so cute!
    DD1 11y Incognito
    DS 9.5y Incognito
    DD2 7y TB/Literider

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    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    She's so adorable and I love her glasses!

    Sophie 3.13.09 25# and 34"
    Now riding RF in a Scenera
    Baby #2 due 3/3/12

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    Carseat Crazy scariestone's Avatar
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    Central Coast, CA

    Re: Coccoro on airplane photos

    Quote Originally Posted by lpperry View Post
    Claudia is pretty active at 10 months old and she would have been a difficult lap baby!
    Good call. We took DS as a lap baby when he was 9 months old(before I knew better). He wasn't even crawling yet but wanted to move and switch between my and DH's laps the whole time and not sleep at all. Not very pleasant to say the least.
    Sarah, student and SAHM to Xander 6yrs, 48", 68lbs in a Monterey

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