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    On borrowed time w Regent

    Today, I removed & took apart dd's Regent for its annual cleaning. Cover's been washed. All crumbs under & around seat have been brushed out. Her crotch buckle finally moved to the outer position. When I hung the cover up to dry, I noticed 22- 80lbs limit" 53" or 134cm in height limit on the label.

    Wait a minute! Daughter just measured 135 cm yesterday.
    Yet, she still is a good 1/2 - 3/4" UNDER the edge of the top slot of the regent. Short waisted kid, obviously.

    So now, we're officially on borrowed time with that seat. I figured that she'd be able to use it until next spring, perhaps even summer. But (gasp) she'll definitely be over the official 53" height limit. It's a May 2007 seat.

    She's 62lbs on a good day, but I think she's lost weight since her last growth spurt, so it's possible she's at 60lbs.

    Overtall / underweight for the seat and fits fine. I guess I'll just leave things as they are for now.

    A few months ago, I had to talk her out of a plan to store it for use with her 'someday future' children by explaining how it will expire in two more years. She didn't like that. It's her favorite seat, EVAHR! Longest used, for sure.
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    Re: On borrowed time w Regent

    It is my son's all time favorite seat. He is about to out-grow it by harness height and we will be very sad when that happens. I love that it has been so easy to get him in and out but still gives plenty of support when he is sleeping. If seats didn't expire the Regent would be the seat I would keep about for future grandkids.

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