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    My First Car Seat Demolition!

    While walk around the block today, I spotted an Evenflo OHS sitting with a free sign. DOM 1995! I was so happy I found this and I couldnt wait to think of ways to demolish it
    So, I picked it up and carried it back home. I already cut the straps and took off the cover, but I couldnt decide how I want to turn it into pieces
    I was thinking a hammer, but then I got a better idea. I RAN IT OVER WITH A BOX TRUCK!!! It was perfect! Once over and it was in pieces. People were looking at me like I was crazy until I told them it was expired (We were doing it at the walmart parking lot since thats where my grandpa parks his truck) and one family brought THEIR expired car seat up there to get ran over too after they asked what we were doing! Their kids thought it was great! Im going to try to post the pictures, but my cameras acting funny. Anyway, it was a great way to destroy two car seats at one time and keep other people from using them!

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    Re: My First Car Seat Demolition!

    I had a former friend bring me a car seat. It had mold growing on the straps even. Anyway it was harder to destroy then I thought. Some parts of the seat were super brittle and other parts like the dang shield just would not give.

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    I had an expired seat that busted with a sledge hammer. I can only imagine a child in it in a crash.

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