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Thread: Order Placed!

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    Order Placed!

    So I did it--I ordered an Evenflo Momentum! Our local BRU does not have them in stock so I can't try it out but I decided to take a shot. Worst case scenario is I hate it/it doesn't fit and I have to send it back. I still think I might go back to BRU and take a closer look at the Triumph 65 but without having the Momentum in hand to compare it would be hard to decide between the two. Ultimately, no one seat had everything that I wanted and as DH helpfully pointed out, a lot is going to be subjective. Without being able to test drive a seat it's really hard to know if you're going to like it or not. My fingers are crossed though! If DD is happy and safe in it, that's what really matters.

    I will now spend the next several days peering hopefully out the window waiting for UPS to arrive... I'll keep you posted and let you know how it all turns out. Thank you to everyone for your help!!!

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    Re: Order Placed!

    i hope you like it! I really like mine, although it's mostly just our spare atm. I hate the knobs on the efta. Overall they're very similar, the momentum has deeper sides I think.
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    Re: Order Placed!

    OP since you have stuck around you should register and join the car seat craziness!
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