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    Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway: BubbleBum Boosters

    Better late than never!

    Welcome to the September monthly installment of our 10th Anniversary giveaway for 2011!

    Thanks to our generous sponsor, BubbleBum, Car-Seat.Org is giving away one portable, foldable, rollable BubbleBum booster seat. Sound too good to be true? Just wait, there’s more! This month only, we’re going to double the value of the giveaway and include an extra BubbleBum giveaway at no additional charge! That’s right, TWO separate BubbleBum giveaway prizes for the price of just one! Plus, if you enter now, we’ll even include free shipping in the USA! No, we’re not through yet! You also get the amazing BubbleBum app for iTunes or Android, for free, just for reading this! How’s that for amazing!


    No, this is not our usual enter to win contest! We’re going to make you work for it. You’ve actually got to write something. Yeah, it'll take you a few minutes, but the reward is your very own inflatable booster that fits almost anywhere! Check out our review at CarseatBlog! Okay, okay, so get your pens, er, keyboard going and give us your best effort. Our sponsor will select two winners from all the entries. The first will be the entry they judge to be the funniest. For example, “Seems a fortnight ago me mum’s dog ate me ‘ol booster and now me kid needs the BubbleBum so’s he don’t have ta ride in the back of the lorry and gets me in trouble with the bobby.” The second winning entry will be judged for the best reason why you need a BubbleBum booster and how you would use it. See previous example. If you’re clever (like me), you can qualify for both prizes with the same story! Use a real life experience. Make up an exotic lie. Hit us with your best sob story. Whatever you think will propel you to victory!

    This contest will close on or around September 30th, 2011. On or around October 1st, the two winners will be selected by a representative of BubbleBum (or their designee) from those who have entered by replying to this thread. We may contact you by private message or email from Car-Seat.Org for verification.

    Only one entry per account and per household, please. Only your first entry will count; additional entries will not be accepted. You must be age 18 or higher and have a shipping address in the USA for receipt of the prize. Only one prize per entry/entrant. Any disputes will be resolved solely by BubbleBum, who will make any necessary judgment of the two winners of this prize. Prizes will be shipped directly from BubbleBum or their distributor (Amazon). In the event a prize winner has not submitted valid USA shipping information within 30 days of being named the winner on this thread, Car-Seat.Org and/or BubbleBum will select a new winner. Car-Seat.Org reserves the right to modify the rules or eligibility without prior notice.

    Thank you to BubbleBum for being this month’s giveaway sponsor! If you must have a [ame=""] BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat: Baby[/ame] right now, check it out at for just $39.99!
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    Guess I won't be getting one since I'm not creative and I'm lazy.
    Heather, proud mommy to:
    Dustin 12y & 105 lbs 5-stepped/Seatbelt only
    Colton 6y & 43lb FF RXT/Pinnacle/FR90
    Peyton 5y & 38lb FF in Sureride/FR90/FR85

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrice
    Guess I won't be getting one since I'm not creative and I'm lazy.
    Haha! I thought the same thing. Far too lazy.

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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    L.A. area

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Though you may know I already own one,
    And my three year old wouldn't condone one,
    Count my kids and you'll see
    That in fact I have three,
    And I think that kid two might just pwn one.*

    I am notorious for getting kids in tight spaces (and not just locking them in cupboards, either!) I like a good three across like nobody's business and found the Bubblebum fantabulously helpful in this regard!

    I also happen to own an 8-passenger vehicle. If I win, I pledge to borrow some extra kids (preferably from members) and pack the 8 passenger Ody to capacity to show how helpful it can be in that regard! And, I further promise that this will not involve duct taping any of them to the roof.

    Unless they really, really mouth off at me.

    *For those not familiar with "133t 5p33k", "pwn" rhymes with "own" and means "be or use in a way that is incredibly super-awesome, especially in a sense related to WINNING.+" See example on this t-shirt.

    +WINNING: [ame=""]Songify This - Winning - a Song by Charlie Sheen - YouTube[/ame]
    (Uh, I'm not sure who counts as " staff." Since I'm not a mod, just a "host" and "ambassador", I'm hoping I don't count. If I do count as staff, well, perhaps I have at least entertained you!)
    CPST and Mom to Emma, 15, Bridget, 13, Maggie, 11, Katie Sue, 6, Jimmy, born May 2019,
    and Becky, waiting for us as part of our eternal family.
    Our '02 Odyssey, car seats, and seatbelts saved our lives. Now riding in a '13 Odyssey!

  6. Thank You from:

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    CPSDarren - Admin SafeDad's Avatar
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    Jan 2003

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Quote Originally Posted by ketchupqueen View Post
    +WINNING: Songify This - Winning - a Song by Charlie Sheen - YouTube
    (Uh, I'm not sure who counts as " staff." Since I'm not a mod, just a "host" and "ambassador", I'm hoping I don't count. If I do count as staff, well, perhaps I have at least entertained you!)
    You are eligible! Update: After discussing with the sponsor, since all our moderators are volunteers with no conflict of interest, and because this is a contest rather than a random drawing, all "staff" except for Heather and I (who already have BubbleBums!) are eligible to enter.

    Contest giveaways are great odds! We get 100-200 entries for typical "Reply to Enter" giveaways. When any kind of contest is involved, it's usually a few dozen entries at most. That's a pretty good chance if you are a little creative! I am also making the rules more clear that the same person can not win both prizes.

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    CPS Technician eyeslkethesky5391's Avatar
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    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Although I own three boosters
    None of them compare
    The bubble bum is narrow and square
    A won't struggle to buckle
    L won't get furious cause A is taking forever
    It will be peace in my car again

    (yes i know its now square )
    Mommy to S (10/23/13) riding in a cowmoo pavilion and a RA50

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    CPS Technician
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    Feb 2002
    Near Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    D needs a BubbleBum
    So he's ready for friends to come
    He wants playdates
    with friends that need better fate

    To many expired seats around
    Need to provide his own seat
    Thankful your gifts abound
    Consider D so he can share a treat
    Stefanie - CPST in Iowa
    mom to dd 11,/00, ds 11/01, ds 3/06, dd 04/07, dd 08/12 (radian rxt) ds 12/13 (evenflo sureride)

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    Senior Community Member
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    Camano Island, WA

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    My granny's got 23 grandkids, but only one little car.
    She has to pick us up sometimes, but we never drive far.
    It's just if we miss the bus or get sick at school.
    Or mom forgets to pick us up or something else uncool.
    Grandma doesn't need a big ol' booster taking up half her back seat.
    She just needs a Bubble Bum, so her car stays nice and neat.

    Don't worry, she doesn't pick up all 23 at once!! But 7 of them could use the Bubble Bum when needed, and more as they grow, so it would definitely be put to good use.

    And yes, I realize my kids are almost 1/3 of the grandkids. Pretty amazing considering I have 6 brothers and sisters with kids!!
    Aurora 5/23/94 (married 3/9/13), Oliver 12/27/95, Simon 9/11/98, Savannah 4/9/00, Harrison 2/26/03, Genevieve 2/24/05, Sebastian 4/24/08-Monterey, Radian XT, or Literider, Magnus 4/26/14-Combi Shuttle 35

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    CPS Technician LuckyFins3Lil'Fish's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Because my children won't stop growing
    Up, I need this
    Bitchin booster to complete a my 3 across.
    Because my back seat is tiny and
    Lame we can't get my son buckled without lots of pain
    Extremely tight is the fit in the back

    But the bubble bum can help let the hand scrapes heal
    Uphoria is what I will feel
    Marry me bubble bum, so I can always feel at peace with my children's safety!
    DS: 2-3-06 Boostered in a Diono Monterey. DDs: 3-21-08 FF Evenflo Big Kid Amp & Britax Frontier 85 Booster Mode
    Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. ~Franklin P. Jones

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    Senior Community Member T4K's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Louisville, KY

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    My Bubble Bum Haiku
    by T4K

    bubble bum booster
    colorful, compact, lightweight
    scores cool points for h!
    Mama to Baby Girl N - two years old
    Loving Stepmother of wonderful girls, H-9 and S-5

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    Feb 2009

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I officially swore off traveling until the kids are out of any and all car seats after our last trip. But I may reconsider if we had a BubbleBum. I am pretty sure it would eliminate 78.62379% of the hassle of traveling with kiddos. And carpooling. And field trips. And last-minute pickup requests. And play dates. And probably life in general.

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    CPS Fanatic abacus2's Avatar
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    Sep 2006

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Bubble Bum, Bubble Bum
    So portable and purply
    Help this mum, help this mum
    Safely visit family

    With three kids still needing restraints, super portable boosters would be awesome for travel. I actually bought a new booster and had it shipped to our destination the last time we traveled by plane. It might also make it possible for me to use the middle of my back bench in my van with a forward facing child without preventing booster riders from riding outboard. The only tether anchor location in the back of my van is for the center seat.
    Mom to:
    Rachael (11/03), Emily (8/06), and Naomi (1/09)

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    CPS Technician Albagail's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Camp Pendleton, CA
    It was a dark and stormy night (or maybe a hot and sunny day) as I, Super-Safety Mom, struggled to pack all three Super-Precious Children as Super-Safely as possible into Evil Grandma Lady's Super-Small backseat. Two Radians and a booster sounded simple enough, but approximately two dozen configurations later, I, Super-Safety Mom, was ready to admit defeat. I stormed into Evil Grandma Lady's Super-Secret evil lair and bellowed "Evil Grandma Lady, I command you to purchase a new vehicle to accommodate your growing ranks of Super-Precious Grandchildren!". "Never!" cackled Evil Grandma Lady, and because she was Super-Frugal as well as Super-Evil, I knew she meant it. So what's a Super-Safety Mom to do? No known booster seat will fit in the Super-Small middle seat, a high-back booster is nearly impossible to buckle outboard, and Super-Safety Mom hates the idea of turning her middle Super-Precious Child forward facing to make more room, or of her oldest Super-Precious Child riding outboard in a backless booster with no side impact protection. But wait! What is this? A backless booster more narrow than any other? Able to fit in spaces previously believed to be incompatible with boosters? Possibly even (gasp!) Evil Grandma Lady's Super-Small middle seat?! Could the Bubble Bum be the answer to all Super-Safety Mom's dilemmas? If only Not-So-Super-Safety Dad wouldn't kill Super-Safety Mom for buying a thirteenth car seat for their Super-Precious Children who number only three. Winning a contest may be Super-Safety Mom's only chance! But will she win, or will she be beaten in her endeavor by some other Super-Safety Parent in equal or greater need of the fabulous Bubble Bum? To be continued...

    Mostly true story, except that my mom's only Super-Frugal, not Super-Evil.
    Natalie - 6/23/04, loving her purple Monterey
    Ellie - 4/8/07, RF in a MT and booster training in a Vivo!
    Calvin - 5/24/10, now officially ERF! in a RN80SL
    ...and several spare seats.

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    CPS Technician littleangelfire's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    kansas city area

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I need one of them there Bubble Yums so my youngin' can tell everyone he's got one and make 'em green with envy. Seems they're thinkin' he's a mama's boy 'cause he sits in some foofy Britax contraption. Sometimes he rides with them and wants to show how he's the cock of the walk 'cause o' his Bubble Dum inflatable portable foldable rollable cushy purply squishy seat. Bet that'll show 'em. And he's also a'wonderin' if it would float in the cement pond across the street that his grandaddy drove the tractor into. Maybe he could use the Bubble Lump on that, too, ya think? there's no belts, course, but might be more comfy than sittin' on the motor.
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    I'd like to have a Bubble Bum #1 for when age appropriate friends are riding with us, and #2 because I'd never had the opportunity to see one in person and would like to see what it's like and all it's requirements so I can recommend it in the right situations.

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    Feb 2009

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I officially swore off traveling until the kids are out of any and all car seats after our last trip. But I may reconsider if we had a BubbleBum. I am pretty sure it would eliminate 78.62379% of the hassle of traveling with kiddos. And carpooling. And field trips. And last-minute pickup requests. And play dates. And probably life in general.

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    Senior Community Member Baylor's Avatar
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    Jun 2010

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I would love this!! I could always use one for traveling, and Dh's car and I know someone that needs a booster daily and would love this!

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    Senior Community Member
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    Jan 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I sent my 8 year old to camp,
    With a BubbleBum in her pack.

    Everyone was unprepared,
    When Zombies really did attack.

    She huffed and puffed and blew it up,
    All the while keeping up.

    She tossed it in the car,
    and buckled herself safely while riding afar!

    She's safe and home to tell this story,
    and thankfully there is nothing gory.

    It's sad the Zombies ate the rest,
    but not my girl thanks to this contest!
    "If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it." Severn Suzuki, age 12

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    Moderator - CPSTI Emeritus Defrost's Avatar
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    Apr 2007

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    I need a Bubble Bum to complete my booster collection. I have one of each booster ever made, in every color available, stashed in every nook and cranny of my home. They're overflowing onto the furniture at this point; we can't even sit on the couch to watch TV. If I get the Bubble Bum, I can finally open my World-Famous Booster Seat Museum, and my kids can have their beds back!
    Debbie, CPST-I
    driving my '07 Mazda5 with
    Thomas (18) * Sam (17) * Patrick (15) * Macha (13)
    Safely secured with seat belts - everyone, every ride!

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    CPS Technician canadiangie's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Calgary, AB. Canada

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    My Canadian cutie
    can't have Bubble under her booty.
    The Bubble's not here,
    like so much cool gear.
    I sit here and wait
    What will be our fate?
    Would it be so much trouble?
    just crash test that Bubble!
    Narrow, inflatable, portable genius
    It would be so nice if you came up to greet us.
    Alas this is a contest I just cannot win
    But I do hope my poem at least made you grin.
    dd1 - 8y6m, hbb PWSGL
    dd2 - 7y3m, hbb PWSGL
    dd3 - 4y3m, ff advocate/frontier xt

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    CPS Technician tam_shops's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Re: Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary September Giveaway

    Bubblegum bubblebum you’re so fun
    I’ve really got to get me one.

    You’re small, you’re sweet you’re such a treat.
    You’ll fit in just about any seat.

    For three in a row, travel or carpool
    You’re light, compact and oh so cool

    For any child from 4 to eleven,
    They must be 40-80# to keep them out of heaven.

    For $39.99, you can take one home today,
    Or write a great poem just to say, I’ll take one another day!


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