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    Thumbs up Wizard head restraints are fine.

    After reading a lot about the Britax Wizard's head restraints being too confining, I was a bit hesitant to get one. However, we're serious safety types and finally chose to go for it anyhow. Much ado about nothing. Our daughter loves it. She noted the much softer seating surfaces vs her Britax King, and even likes the head restraint wings because she can lean her head back and hide behind them when her little brother wants to talk and she wants to sleep. Tonight, she wanted us to let her sit in the car and eat her dinner (uh, no...). Too funny. So for those concerned about it, another view.

    Nice attachment system for lap/shoulder belts too. I was easily able to get it so tight you can only move it a bit with a lot of force on leather seats. She is bummed that the 5 point harness clip is too strong for her to release but I think it will loosen with use and again allow her to feel like a big girl and release it when I shut the engine down.


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    Re: Wizard head restraints are fine.

    Originally posted by IdahoDoug
    Tonight, she wanted us to let her sit in the car and eat her dinner (uh, no...).
    LOL! Kids are sooo funny sometimes. Heh heh
    YES I am a certified CPS Technician...Internet advice is never the same as having someone actually look at your seats, your kids, and your car. Have your seats CHECKED by a Technician.

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    My girls (3.5 years and 20 months) love the Wizard too. For the younger one it is like a sedative...I drive two miles to the grocery store and she is asleep!

    As for the chest clip I wouldn't count on it loosening any time soon. We've had our WIzards about 6 months and the chest clip is still just as tight as ever...

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