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    We flew American Airlines from Florida to Hawaii, then back.

    1. Where did the priority boarding for those with kids go??? Did they get rid of this? I was really surprised when we were told we have to wait until our "Group #" is called. Geez, we were like the last group called.

    2. A stewardess really made me want to blow up. In every flight, we were always the last one getting off the plane since we had to deal with the carseat (SK Radian XTSL). In one of the flights, I was trying to load/secure the carseat on the luggage cart. The stewardess told me to hurry up since the cleaners are coming in. WTF!!!! Why didn't she say that too to everyone else before us? And after a 14hr trip (5-6hr legs), does she think I want to spend even an extra second in that cramp plane??? I was furious (inside), but just let it go. After getting off the plane, I was thinking maybe I should have asked for her name and complained to customer service (which probably would not go anywhere)

    3. TSA??? They wouldn't allow us to take DD's dairy drink and yogurt UNLESS we let them pat down one of us. WTH!?!?! We had no problem bringing food/drinks for DD on our way to Hawaii. But the TSA in Hawaii has that weird rule. It was really annoying. My DH hesitantly volunteered to be pat down, but it was taking them forever to find someone to do it, so we just told them to forget about DD's food. Is there anywhere I can complain about this???

    Thanks for listening.
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