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    Eddie Bauer XRS 65

    Just purchased and installed the new Eddie Bauer XRS 65 (made by Dorel Juvenile Group) convertible car seat in my 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. Used the car seat for the first time today with my 8 month old DD (21 lbs and 28 in long) and so far I am very pleased. I couldn't find any information about this car seat online, so I'll share the specifications in the manual and my experience for your reading pleasure.

    Purchased the car seat at my local Target for $129.99. I bought it because I have a small(er) car and was looking for a more compact convertible seat with a wide weight/height range, adjustable headrest with side impact protection, easy harness adjustment, and price under $200. This seat seemed to fit almost all of those requirements. Of note, my DH is 6'5" tall and in order to drive this car, needs to have his seat slide almost all the way back, and in order to sit in the passenger seat, needs to be able to slide it about half way back to have enough leg room (ugh!). The picture on the box shows it fitting 3 across FF, but it is difficult to tell the size of the vehicle in the photo.

    The manual states that the car seat can be used RF from 5-40 lbs or 19-40 inches, and FF from 22-65 lbs or 34-52 in. The manual was easy to read and understand, with clear explanations of the car seat features and proper installation, both RF and FF, and using both the latch connectors and vehicle seat belt. I installed the seat in the rear outboard passenger position in my Jetta SW using the latch connectors. I used a thin receiving blanket to protect my leather seat from abrasion, and a rolled pool towel to get a tight fit (manual stated both were OK). I would have to say that installing the seat was quite easy, although I did really have to push down on the seat with all my weight and pull on the latch belt to get a tight fit. I have less than one inch of movement at the belt path.

    The actual seat seems well made and has a nice amount of padding, although it is a plastic shell with no metal reinforcement. It has 3 crotch positions for the buckle and 5 harness positions, with the highest measuring 16.5 inches at the shoulder. The harness is not infinitely adjustable, meaning that you do have to remove the webbing and re-thread it through the correct harness position to adjust. The headrest adjusts up and down by pulling on a spring loaded metal bar on the back of the seat and sliding it to one of the 5 available positions. The seat has a recline stand that must be folded away for RF and folded out for use during FF, but there are no recline adjustments or multiple recline positions for either RF or FF. The seat has a horizontal marking on the exterior for eye-balling correct recline in RF. I did get out a level to check and have mine a little more upright than indicated, but definitely less than 30 degrees. The seat seems to also have a good amount of leg room for the child in the RF position. The manual states only to use the top tether in the FF position. They do provide a place to latch the tether when not in use.

    And finally as far as accessories, it came with a couple of infant pad inserts as well as a cup holder, which can be installed on either side of the seat. I will try to post a couple of photos in the near future.

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    Re: Eddie Bauer XRS 65

    Thanks for the mini-review .
    It's the same shell as the Uptown or Avenue, which is a generally highly regarded seat in terms of 'compact' 'light for travel' and 'tall for rearfacing and forward facing', but it was a Kmart exclusive for years, which sort of limited it's availability. I hope the headrest is a positive addition to this seat, as that's the only thing that looks different to me in pictures.
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