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    True-Fit on Plane?

    We are flying in a couple of weeks and have always used our uptowns as they are our lightest car-seats. However my kids at almost 4 look so squished in them even though they are below all the limits. I'm considering taking the true-fits -also because they are so much cooler but I'm worried that they won't be as easy to maneuver and fit on the plane. I have twins so we will be hauling two seats around.

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    Re: True-Fit on Plane?

    I've flown with one, it fits on the plane, but probably not 2 of them side by side, its a tight fit but works. Its a little hard to carry down the aisle because of the width of it, but I managed on my own with all of our other "stuff" and Levi as well.
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    Re: True-Fit on Plane?

    I just took my True Fit on a plane, 2 in fact. I didn't mind humping it down the isle, what bothered me was that the seatbelt buckle was right behind my daughters back. I couldn't use the lock off cause the buckle was sitting right there. What can I do to change where the buckle sits? Rear facing isn't really an option as both planes were quite small.

    Sorry to hijack you thread!

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    Re: True-Fit on Plane?

    I think it really depends on what kind of plane you are on. This weekend, we flew on an Embraer jet from Houston to Indianapolis, and there is no way it would have fit. The seats are 17.3 inches wide. We flew on a 737 from San Antonio to Houston, and the seats in the back 3 rows are only 16.2 inches, though the rest of the plane is 17.2. I would avoid the last 3 rows like the plague. The TrueFit is 19.5 inches exterior width.
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