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    Triplets and Convertible Carseats


    My 9.5 month old triplets are quickly reaching the weight limit of their Chicco Keyfits. I love those carseats, and will miss their ease of use. I've been researching our best bets for their next carseats, and I think I'm going to go with one MR65 for one of the boys who is short-torsoed. I'm now trying to decide between the TF/TFP or something else for the other two, who have longer body types.

    The two websites that sell the TFP in Canada have them currently priced at $ 269ish + S&H. BRU (website) has a sale on the TF for $119 + free shipping. Is the TFP really worth the extra money? Is there another seat(s) I can consider? I'd like to get a few different makes/models so I have some options should I find that one works better for a specific child.

    My criteria (in addition to safety) in order of priority is: 1) Ease of Use (with triplets, that is a major concern - a fiddly carseat x 3 just won't work for us) and, 2) Cost: Ideally, I'd like to spend no more than $180 per seat, but I could go up to $250, shipping included.

    I'll be fitting them into a 2010 Honda Odyssey.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Triplets and Convertible Carseats

    I noticed what you said about a fiddley carseat. For me, that would have been the TFP. I really didn't like how the harness slides under the bum, and the harness seemed to fold over very easily. For me, for ease of use, I would have to say MyRide65, and the Evenflo Triumph/Momentum. The MyRide65 should last even long torsoed kids till 3ish rear-facing. The Triumph/Momentum only rear-face to 30 lbs at the moment, but I have been told that Evenflo plans to up the weight limit before the end of the year.

    Definitely check out any seats before you buy them, because something that really bugs me might be a great feature to you. I had the TFP rather than the TF because in my vehicle it was impossible to reach the harness adjuster with the regular TF. The TFP has a cut-out in the rebound bar, so there is a little space to reach it.

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    Re: Triplets and Convertible Carseats

    I have worked with a family who has triplets. I helped them choose convertibles, and funny enough, they drove an Oddy too.

    They opted for TrueFits. Ease of use was very important for them, specifically she wanted no re-thread harnesses if at all possible since, as you likely know, you don't always take all 3 babies out at the same time, and it's nice to be able to put any baby in any seat. She also wanted a high rear facing limit, and really wanted a guarantee that whatever she bought would take her 3 boys to booster age and weight. And of course, budget was a consideration too.

    The TF's installed really well in her captains chairs in the 2nd row, and the other on in the 3rd row on the '40' (keeps her '60' folded for the stroller).

    Anyway, that's what I can offer. I did recently follow up with her and she is still loving her TF's. She does have TFP's, but I'm sure having standard TF's would have been fine.

    Hope that helps,
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    Re: Triplets and Convertible Carseats

    I LOVE the MR RF in my 2010 Ody (captain's chair/driver's side). The install and fit is a dream and the harness slides smoothly. I really like the way it hugs the baby to offer more support. I only started using it around October when my DC was 18 m/o (he's now 2y4m and 33 lbs). I find it very user friendly.

    It's currently on sale at BRU for $131 ish with free shipping but be sure you ask about the date of manufacture to make sure you are getting a recent seat. Anything manufactured from February of this year until now will be good until December 2017.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Triplets and Convertible Carseats

    How about the Britax RA55?

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    Re: Triplets and Convertible Carseats

    Quote Originally Posted by lorinick View Post
    How about the Britax RA55?
    IMHO, three Britaxes would be pretty pricey when there are cheaper seats available that will work for the kids and the vehicle, but that's just my . The OP did say that price is a factor.

    Is there a particular reason you brought up the RA or an advantage to this seat in the OP's situation that I might be missing?
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