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    Sunshine Kids- Ventura or Nitro

    I've decided on a Sunshine Kids Radian. I love the print on the Ventura, which is a micro-fiber velour material, but the Nitro is a breathable, polyester air-mesh material. Will the air-mesh make much of a difference as far as making the baby less sweaty? My little guy is a little heater, and always has a pool of sweat behind his head :/

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    CPS Technician canadiangie's Avatar
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    Re: Sunshine Kids- Ventura or Nitro

    Well, the mesh is probably more breathable, but things like Velcro on shoes, and little thighs rubbing the cover tends to cause pilling and snags in the mesh.

    It's kind of a toss-up... less breathable but more durable (Ventura) or more breathable but less durable (nitro).

    Hope that helps,
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    Re: Sunshine Kids- Ventura or Nitro

    I wouldn't describe the Ventura as a micro-fiber velour material. It's more like your average furniture upholstery. It's not rough, but it's not particularly soft, either.

    The Bentley, on the other hand, is a very soft and plush material.

    I've never really seen a mesh Radian in person. If I lived in a very hot climate I might be inclined to try it and just live with the snags. You can get a new cover down the road if it gets too bad, I guess.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Sunshine Kids- Ventura or Nitro

    We've had both, I don't think either really kept them cooler but we live in TX and NOTHING keeps you cool in summers around here lol. Personally I like the Ventura better, it has worn better
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    Re: Sunshine Kids- Ventura or Nitro

    We have the ventura cover here in Las Vegas and I don't think it's terrible. DS does have a sweaty back (just damp not dripping) when I take him out after being in the car when it's 100+ outside but I think any carseat/cover is going to have that issue when it's that hot out.

    Also, the ventura isn't velour in the middle portion of the seat, just on the edges - it's a cotton blend jacquard. It's not quite what I was expecting in terms of fabric feel but it has held up well - including 1 washing in my front loader - drip dry. I read too much about the mesh snagging and didn't want to deal with that and figured cotton was the next best thing.
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