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    Kia Sedona reliability and repair record

    Does anyone know how the current Kia Sedona's (2006 and later) are racking on reliability and repairs? Thanks!

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    Re: Kia Sedona reliability and repair record

    Kia Sedona repair histories

    I'm a member of the panel for a different make/model, but this is the only result available to public right now. There is a more general result, but the respondent group is too small to make it available to the public yet - only registered members can see that one.
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    Re: Kia Sedona reliability and repair record

    I think Consumer Reports ranked it in the average category, about the same as the Honda Odyssey but somewhat lower than the Sienna. Keep in mind that there really isn't much difference in actual numbers of problems over the first years of ownership among most vehicles, according to Consumer Reports. The differences between Sedona and Sienna probably don't even amount to 1 additional problem over the first 4-5 years of ownership if you dig into their numbers. The only vehicles that you might avoid if reliability is a major concern are the ones in the unbounded "much worse than average" category that earn a solid black circle (such as the Nissan Quest and GM trio in the minivan category).

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