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    Frontier 85 vs. Frontier 85 SICT

    Here's my review from Amazon. It presupposes that you are familiar with the F85 and want to know more about the SICT.

    If you're even slightly debating the SICT (Side Impact Cushion Technology), I think there is obviously some merit to Britax's technology. I'm no car crash expert but it seems apparent that providing another barrier that protects the neck and head is safer in the event of a side impact crash. I have had Britax seats with and without the SICT cushions and I believe that a car seat correctly installed with as much head and neck support (i.e, head wings, EPS foam, SICT cushions, etc.) is what is safest for my kids. In my case, my kids are riding outboard in an older car without rear side airbags and I want to give them the best possible odds in the event of crash. That being said, I've owned both the F85 and now the F85 SICT and the differences between the two (excluding the cushion technology) are subtle. The cushion technology is what you're paying for and what distinguishes itself from the regular F85 (much like the Advocate 70 CS distinguishes itself from the Boulevard 70). But there are a few features that have been added to the SICT that make this seat more appealing than it's predecessor. Firstly, it's cover is easily removed without having to uninstall the seat from the car. And while I haven't tried this on the SICT yet, I have on my Britax Advocate 70 CS many a time; it has the same removable cover and it's a wonderful feature that I'm glad Britax has added to the SICT. Also, the SICT can be used without a top tether, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND. But, some cars lack top tethering points/hooks and this in effect makes the SICT more compatible with a wider variety of cars than the F85. I think the biggest difference (that Britax doesn't use as a selling point) between the two seats is that the SICT is WIDE (although you probably guessed that by now). At the widest point (which is at the cushions) the F85 SICT is 24.5" across. It's approximately 5" wider than the F85. For some perspective, I have an Britax Advocate 70 CS and now a F85 SICT riding outboard in the back of my 2002 Nissan Altima and I have 7-8" between the 2 seats at the widest point (again where the cushions are). So I have no room in my backseat -- but -- my kids are safe and I can throw stuff in the trunk if I need to. Overall, I think this seat is a fantastic upgrade from the F85.
    Marisa, mommy to Desmond, 4 years old, 38#, FF in a Onyx Britax Frontier 85 SICT - Mia, 17 months old, 25#, RF in a Cowmoo Britax Advocate 70 CS

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