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    Bubble Bum Review: Booster Seat or Flotation Device?

    Please visit for the full review.

    [ame=""]BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat:Amazon:Baby[/ame]

    I can poke fun at the Bubble Bum because who can take a booster seriously that calls itself “Bubble Bum” and arrives in purple bubble wrap? Don’t be fooled by this sporty little bopper of a cushion that looks like it might be more at home on a boat than under your child’s bum in your vehicle. The Bubble Bum, which has caught the world’s attention for its size and portability, positions the lap portion of the seatbelt low on the child’s thighs. But is it easy to use on daily trips or is it best left for traveling?

    Is it comfortable? It’s like sitting on air, lol.

    Is it a viable option for the dreaded 3-across? Of course.

    Is it easy to travel with? I imagine so.

    Is it lightweight? Well yeah.

    Verdict? It’s a bit more expensive at $39.99 plus shipping than I was expecting after hearing that it would go for about $30, so that’s a downer, especially for something that many will use for a travel seat only. But, for the sheer convenience? No doubt I would pay gladly for it. What a perfect niche seat for travelers and folks with small back seats.

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