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    What would you recommend???

    I'm looking for a convertable car seat to use after my daughter outgrows her Graco Snugride. One for my car, and one for her dad's car (she rides in both pretty frequently). We're able to spend as much as we need to for both seats. We're not planning on having another child for the next 5 years or so.

    Here are a few I'm considering...

    Recaro Signo (I've heard great things about this one)

    Not sure what to do, need imput!

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    Re: What would you recommend???

    Unless there are serious issues once it is actually released, we'll be getting Signo's when it's time to upgrade to a convertible seat.
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    Re: What would you recommend???

    We have 2 Marathons, one for each car, and love them!

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    Re: What would you recommend???

    I like my Boulevard more than my Marathon because it seems like it has more shoulder room for my 5 yr old DS. I know you won't need to worry about that for about 5 more years, but I just thought I would let you know that my DS has to hunch his shoulders in in the Marathon, but he has plenty of shoulder room in the BV. I love the adjuster knobs for the harness height, too. It's definitely worth the extra money, IMO. I'll also be getting the Signo when it comes out, for my DD. I think it looks comparable to the BV and I can't wait to try it out!
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    Re: What would you recommend???

    how big is she currently and what vehicles do you have?
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    Re: What would you recommend???

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvBug03 View Post
    how big is she currently and what vehicles do you have?
    We have a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Escort. She's currently about 13 lbs and 24" (she's 4.5 months).

    I'm not planning on replacing the infant seat right away, but I am really tired of messing with the infant seat and lugging it around (plus she's starting to hate being in it) so I don't think I'll use it too much longer. I'll probably get the new seats in September.

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