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Thread: Finally

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    I finally got my hands on the single young mom at work's kids seat. I have been waiting for the right moment to bring it up as she very sensitive. She has her 2 yrs old son ff in some Cosco seat. It ff only with 2 slots for harness height.

    It was sloppy so we tighten it up. Then during our meeting, the whole purpose of this get together, I asked about shoulder height. She said the straps were loose and probably could be moved up. I talked to her about proper chest clip height, pinch test on the straps and explained why it was all important. She had also heard of RF till 3 yrs old.

    Also I taught her how to tighten the top tether and move the slots up. She was so proud of her tight correctly installed seat. After she did finished installing her seat all by herself. She told her son next we do this to Nana's car. Happy dance. Happy dance by me.

    I was on cloud 9 the rest of the night. Still hasn't done Nana's seat but will on Wednesday. I will ask again on Sunday as she is off till then. I just pray the kid isn't in it till then.
    DD1 15 yrs old DD2 7yrs old

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    Re: Finally

    DD1 6/07 DD2 1/09

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    Re: Finally

    Aww, that's great. SO NICE when people are receptive.

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