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    Almost excited... has a new Graco Toddler Safe Seat Step 2 in a Norway pattern and in the description it states that it is for children 20 to 50 pounds and 48 inches! I was soooooooo excited because I would really like to have one of these as our back up seat. So I looked at Graco's website and the Norway pattern isn't even listed there (???) but I called Graco to ask about the new weight/height limit...and it is false. She said all step 2's only go to 40 pounds. I know it's been mentioned here that they've been testing for 50. Do you think somebody leaked information early???

    I did call the number for online issues for BRU and told the cs rep that the description was incorrect. She said they would make a note and verify w/the mfg.

    Anybody heard any more on the ss2's going to 50 pounds?
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    Re: Almost excited...

    I had the same false alarm 6 months ago when Goores website showed the same thing- but it is not coming out anytime soon according to both Graco and the folks who attended the Lifesavers conference- Graco had trouble with testing and approval of the 50lb weight limit- so it is not happening as planned. There was a plan, there still may be a plan for the 50lb SS2, but I gues we shouldn't hold our breath!

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