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    Advertising Reminder: Home based businesses

    We've had a few posts recently for hand crafted items from home based businesses. While we sometimes permit unique hand crafted items to be posted in single quantities, Swap is not intended for sales of multiple items or those sold as part of an ongoing home based business. The same applies to any home based or other business involving resale or new merchandise. We do sometimes allow, at moderator discretion, established members (typically Senior Community Members) to post in the community or senior community member forum about a hand crafted home business they are starting. If we allow it, we usually lock these threads to keep them from being routinely bumped. Members are encouraged to post about their home business in this thread .

    The intent of swap is to find a convenient place to sell individual used items or groups of items like clothing or cloth diapers. If you have a personal business, we generally do not allow listings of these items in Swap or elsewhere in the forums. This is in fairness to our sponsors and to all the other members with home businesses that would also like to advertise their products.

    If you wish to do limited advertising, a home business sponsorship (allows an text advertising link in your signature to a business web page) or full sponsorship (includes a sub forum for advertising and other perks) may be of interest to you, though no level of sponsorship entitles listings of such items in Swap.
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