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    Graco customer service rules.

    Seriously. The MyRide, which the kiddo has barely outgrown by height, was doing something that they replaced it for before: the clip that tightens the harness has come unscrewed from the shell. Weird problem, really, and it was only starting to mess with the harness as he hit the height limit so I just took him out of it. Then he was asking for it again, so I figured I'd try him in it in the house and sure enough, that little (maybe 2 cm) of wiggle makes the difference between passing the pinch test and not passing it.

    So I call Graco and she offers me a refund or a replacement, right off the bat, and when I say "I don't know why it's happening, I am the most serious person I know about tightening the straps," she says "you can't tighten the harness too much," and proceeds to tell me how she helped a friend of her mom's learn to use a seat properly. I don't know if I would be so happy with this level of customer service if I hadn't been reading about SKJP, but I gotta tell you, Graco is fine with me today.

    (and I can't decide: refund or replacement? It's a pretty lousy ff seat, right? We just bought the MT, so I don't anticipate needing it, but if I could give it to someone to stay RF and then get it back for some putative future offspring? I don't know...)
    Kathleen, CPST and mom to a pair of Cs.

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    Re: Graco customer service rules.

    You could always take the refund and buy a new set with the money, when you need it. That way you dont have a seat losing life sitting in your closet.
    Verla Renae~SAHM to my 5 babies!
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    Re: Graco customer service rules.

    Wow! It is great to hear about a company standing behind its products and keeping the customer happy! Thanks for sharing.

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