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    carseat BEBECAR easybob maxi spp

    I am a Canadian living in Spain and I am having problems finding the lifespan of my carseat. I have a BEBECAR easybob maxi spp with a manufacture date of 10-2007. I have asked the company and they said that it has no expiry date but should be inspected if not used for a long time.

    In Canada there is so much info about all the carseats and I am getting frustrated that the company´s over here seem to not bother with the safety.

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: carseat BEBECAR easybob maxi spp

    I'm about 99% sure that EU manufacturers do not, in fact, specify expiry dates. I seem to think that 10 years is a guideline though? Yes, here is where I read it... a couple of posts from an older thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Adventuredad View Post
    I can double check on what exactly apply legally regarding ECE R44/02. If I remember correctly it is illegal to use seats certified ECE R44 rev.02 after 2008.

    I find the issue of legality irrelevant, a car seat which is certified ECE R44/02 should not be used. I would strongly advice to safety discard the seat asap. Car seats in Europe don't expire but we recommend not using infant seats longer than 5 years and other car seats longer than 10 years.

    Using a great, high quality rear facing ECE R44 rev 03 or 04 car seat for 10 years is fine if you know usage history, seat has not been in a crash, manual is available and the seat is in good shape.

    A GoSafe seat would not be regarded as a high quality seat to start with and quite a few things have happened in the car seat market during the past 12 years.

    ECE R44 rev.04 was introduced in 2005 and I believe ECE R44 rev.03 was introduced in 1995. Are you sure your seat is "only" 12 years old.....? Anything certified ECE R44 rev.02 is ancient and not safe to use.
    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    From the Britax Thailand site at:

    From April 2008, all child car seats that were manufactured before 1995 and approved to the ECE R Standard Regulations 44/01 and 44/02 are no longer legal and must not be used.

    And from:

    Expired - [expiry] Once a car seat has passed its life span (5 - 10 years depending on seat) it is an expired car seat. While the seat may still look good It is best to dispose of it, but make sure it cannot be picked up and used again.
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