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    ? about carseat inspection...

    I'm having my seats inspected again tomorrow. The first time I ever got it done, the lady installed them for me and told me to have a nice day. Didn't watch me do it, didn't comment on my installation...nothing.

    SO...made an appointment with a SafeKids technician tomorrow and I was just wondering if they check your kids size/weight with the seat. Do I need my kids there or is the focus on the seats?

    She told me to make sure I have the carseat manuals and my car's manual. She did tell me about some paperwork that I would have to fill out.

    I'm excited!! I even went and vacuumed my car for this!!!
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    Re: ? about carseat inspection...

    Take your kids, if you can, that way she/he can see if the restraints are suitable for their age/weight/height (bring some snacks to keep them happy though!).

    Bonnie, Mum to a (38lb) 3 year old rear-facing in a Brio Zento (Black)
    and a (40lb) 4 1/2 year old in a Booster in New Zealand.

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    Re: ? about carseat inspection...

    I've only had my seats inspected once and that was because I was having problems with my blvd. I didn't take my kids because I knew my seats were set up right for them and I was just going for help with installation. It was a good thing I didn't take the kids, it took almost two hours and we had to call the instructors instructor and britax.
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    Re: ? about carseat inspection...

    Bring the kids. Bring activities for them & a "babysitter" if you can, but bring the kids.
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