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    Canadians: Would you buy a non-compliant car seat?

    I'm in the market for new convertible car seats for my twins and have been reading up on the new Canadian CMVSS 213 regulations. From what I can glean from the thread started by snowbird25ca, these standards were announced in May 2010, were set to be in force by Jan 2011, but the implementation has been delayed until Jan 2012.

    Manufacturers not been quick to certify their products for the new standard and I have not been able to find a list of products that comply. Kind of surprising, since the the extension was announced only one month prior to the new rules coming into effect.

    On one hand, the description suggests that the changes are not significant and it is not clear whether any design changes will be necessary in order to ensure compliance.

    On the other hand, given that I'm going be shelling out nearly $1,000, it's probably better to have a product that meets the latest safety standards, not to mention the potential impact that an "older" seat may have on its resale value.

    Interested in the feedback from folks here, especially recommendations of compliant seats.

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    Re: Canadians: Would you buy a non-compliant car seat?

    Any seat currently sold is compliant with the current regulations. Seats that do not meet regulations are not allowed to be sold, so there are no "no compliant" car seats on the shelves.

    I believe there may be only one testing facility? Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but we have no way of knowing if any seats have been tested on the new test bench until the new regulations go into effect. At that point the seats will either have been tested/passed and can be sold or not (or perhaps they will allow currently existing seats to be sold along side new ones, I guess we won't know that either until next year). Along with wording changes in manuals, etc.

    If you need new seats now, you really have no choice other than to buy what is available now.
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    Re: Canadians: Would you buy a non-compliant car seat?

    The current Radian lineup by Sunshine Kids apparently meet current and new regulations.

    The new Britax lineup does as well, from what the reps say.

    Both companies may have to edit their manuals still to reflect the updated min of 22lbs and walking unassisted for forward facing, but that is relatively minor.

    But to answer your question (are you talking about importing a seat??) no, I absolutely would not import a seat because a) using it would be illegal, b) you still wouldn't have seats that meet our standards (old or new), c) you'd really be up the creek in terms of re-sale, and d) the new regs are not being brought created because our current seats are unsafe.

    If you're not talking about importing seats, then ignore the previous paragraph.

    Seats sold now will not be recalled next year. They cannot be, because they meet the standard they need to meet -- current standards.

    Seats sold next year will need to meet new standards.

    Honestly, if you need new seats then go out and buy some seats. Choose seats that meet your children's needs, fit your vehicle, fit your budget and can be used properly each trip. Then, unlike close to 90% of other parents, install them correctly. Doing these things will ensure your children are best protected in a crash.

    If we can help with seat selection, let us know. You can post the age and weights of your babies, what you drive, and your budget. We can also help you find a tech in your area if you're at all interested in having your installs checked.
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    Re: Canadians: Would you buy a non-compliant car seat?

    If you're close to needing new seats, then I agree with getting new seats now.

    Britax is most definitely not compliant from a label and sticker perspective unless they've recently changed them, but may be compliant from a dynamic (crash) testing standpoint - the rep says they are, but he has been known to say other things that aren't fully accurate.

    I would suggest choosing the seat that is best for your vehicle and your child's growth patterns based on what's available right now. Even if there could be significant design changes appear, the seats currently available will still be perfectly safe - the standards seats are having to meet right at this moment is one that's been in effect since UAS came in - and I don't believe anything else was revised at the time UAS was introduced. We've had a few interim orders regarding weight limits, but again - that's not a revision of the test bench, test method, or anything else.

    We know that the seats kids are using right now are protecting them in collisions, so even if we do see design changes, they need to be viewed as improvements and not a sign that current seats are dangerous.
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