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Thread: Old Car Safety?

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    Old Car Safety?


    My friend has given me a 1989 Honda Accord. I have two daughters a 3.5 yr old and a 6 month old.

    Are old cars considered much less safe than new ones?

    Thanks for any feedback,


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    Re: Old Car Safety?

    in terms of crashworthiness, yes, there have been *immense* improvements to automobile design in the last 18 years. if you look up crash videos from early 90's cars and compare them with cars from the last few years, you will see that the "safety cage" design of newer cars allows the passenger compartment to retain its shape, rather than buckle. this provides a safe "cage" within which the occupants are protected from intruding structures. then, to complement the function of the safety cage, improvements to seat belt design, as well as the advent of other passive safety features such as airbags, function to protect the occupant from hitting structures *within* the safety cage.

    it is quite common for people to walk away from high speed crashes these days with little to no injury; that was nearly impossible in a car from 20 years ago.
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    Re: Old Car Safety?

    Southpaw is right, but just know that being properly restrained is the most important part of surviving a crash in any vehicle.

    I would put your forward-facing 3.5yo in a harnessed seat in the middle and your 6mo in a rear-facing seat outboard, for optimum protection.

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    Re: Old Car Safety?

    There are ways to make your old car safer. have top tethers installed if you can (I'll look up the numbers for you when I have both hands available). You may want to consider purchasing seats with built-in lockoffs for ease of use. Your seatbelts will not lock, you'll need to use a locking clip otherwise. If you have the ability to do so, you will likely want to purchase seats with side impact protection as well.
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