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    NJ Mom

    Cool KF30 & RF SFCA in '07 Civic

    I am mom to DD 2y5m/29lbs/36" and have a baby on the way in a few weeks. I went to my local car seat installation site today to have the infant seat (KeyFit 30) installed in my 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid, and the tech told me my daughter "looked uncomfortable" in her RF-ing Complete Air (center position) since her legs touched the back, and should be turned around FF. I defended my decision as best I could (as an amateur), and told him I wanted her to stay RF-ing. I am now skeptical of everything else that happened at the visit and don't really trust the tech, so I was hoping to recap and get feedback/corrections to what he said, if needed:

    - he said I could not keep the CA RF-ing in the center position and the KF30 next to it, as the seats "would be touching"

    - he said the CA would not fit behind the driver seat RF-ing because of the recline angle necessary. Furthermore he refused to put the infant seat on the driver side because it was unsafe to have an infant seat on the "street" side when parking. So my only solution was to turn my daughter FF on the driver side, with the infant seat RF on the passenger side

    - I refused to turn the CA FF-ing, and he relented, eventually installing the KF30 on the driver side (LATCH), and the CA RF-ing on the passenger side (seatbelt)

    - he also said the front passenger seat should not come in contact with the RF-ing CA and therefore needed to be moved up a great deal

    My specific questions are:
    - was he right that I can't fit the CA in the center position with the KF30 outboard? He didn't actually try it, just told me it wasn't possible.
    - do I really need to leave room between the front passenger seat and the CA shell?
    - is there anyone in the northern NJ area I should go to instead for help?

    Also I just wanted to vent, as I found it very frustrating that a real CPST would give me such a hard time about keeping my daughter RFing at 2y5m. I should not be better informed about this than a licensed technician.

    Thanks in advance!

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