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    What is better....????

    I am looking to buy a new car but have my head spinning with all the options. I need something that can seat a minimum of 7 passangers. I have two daughters but plan on having more and my mom goes with us mostly all the time. I want to fit a Marathon and a Regent. I am torn between a Toyota Sienna, Honda Odessy, and a Suburban. I am leaning more towards the Sienna, but my hubby doesnt like the idea of driving a mini van. I just want to be able to fit all my gear. I always feel like if were going camping, and were just going to the mall. lol please tell me what your experience has been with these cars, I need help


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    Re: What is better....????

    If you know you're going to have to use the 3rd row, then I'd go with the Sienna or Odyssey. My Acura MDX was totalled in January, and I replaced it with an Odyssey, and haven't regretted it. The 3rd row of the MDX was good for kids, but it was also a pain to access it. I was anti-minivan like your husband--that's why we bought the MDX in '04--but now that we have the Ody I love it. Minivans have gotten more powerful; you may want to get your husband to go for a test drive! (I haven't driven a Suburban--they certainly have plenty of room--but the price and cost of gas ruled it out as an option for us.)
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