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    Carseat Crazy
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    Coccoro RF height limit

    Quick question because I lost the Coccoro manual. Does it have the 1" RF rule? DS2 just lost a couple lbs and is now 31 lbs. I got a really upright RF install in the center seat of our 8 pass Sienna and his head is just almost even with the top of the seat.

    I'm assuming he's too tall for RF and he was nearing the FF height limit as installed, so I installed with the seat back all the way forward (not reclined at all) and got it very upright by kinda kneeling toward the front of the seat while tightening. He gained about an inch in torso room! Wahoo!

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    Senior Community Member rachelandtyke's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro RF height limit

    I just looked through my manual and the rfing height guideline is 36 inches or less.
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    CPST Instructor Carrie_R's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro RF height limit

    I don't have the manual in front of me so I will refrain from commenting on whether or not it's allowed, but if it *is* permitted and you opt to not follow the 1" rule, I would strongly recommend the Euro routing of the shoulder belt. That helps prevent overrotation, and overrotation is the reason we have the 1" rule here in the US.
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    CPS Technician Pixels's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro RF height limit

    Any seat that over rotates fails FMVSS 213 and can't be sold. I believe you meant downward rotation. Euro roting does not eliminate downward rotation, but it does reduce it.
    Melissa, CPST and Mom to three

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    Admin - CPS Technician LISmama810's Avatar
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    Re: Coccoro RF height limit

    It's not in the manual, but yes, it does follow the 1" rule (even with Euro routing), per Combi's rep.

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