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    True Fit Premier Fit a Civic?

    Hi! I'm a longtime lurker but a first time poster. I've learned so much from your site so thank you to all. Here's my question: I currently have my 5yo son outboard passenger side in a Frontier (original) still in the 5pt harness and my 10 week babygirl in a Keyfit outboard driver side. I'm interested in a getting a convertible for my babygirl b/c I'm so over lugging around the darn infant bucket and plan to transition her to a convertible here shortly. She currently is 11.5 1/2lbs (75%)and 24 inches long (90%) and looks long torsoed. I've always been a Britax fan due to ease of installation and plush stylish covers but I'm trying to broaden my scope since babygirl appears to be tall. I was considering the Roundabout50 but I don't think it will last long due to her height. I've been researching like crazy on your site and I'm now interested in the True Fit Premier and want to know if it will fit outboard driver side w/o me eating the dash in my car. I'm 5"8 and drive a 2005 Honda Civic EX 4 door and my hubby is 5"11 and drives a 2003 Toyota Camry LE 4 door. I also know there is the MyRide, Complete Air, and Radian to consider too but I'm not crazy about any of them as I've seen them in person. I'm really leaning toward the True Fit Premier due to the great reviews, plush fabric, and appearance of ease of installation. I hate that I can't see the carseat in person first but I'm planning to order from as they have honored a price match for me. Please let me know if anyone has experience w/this carseat and whether it will fit in my car. Also I've read that the harness can be a pain to tighten rearfacing. Is this true or are there any tips to make it easier? I'm pretty sure the carseat will fit fine in my hubby's car but it's my car that I'm concerned about as we plan to purchase one for each vehicle. Thank you in advance!!

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    Re: True Fit Premier Fit a Civic?

    Yeah the harness can be a pain but i grab the harness on the back and pull it down then pull the "tail" to tighten it and works fine. I also installed it in my 2000 Civic, the front seat had to be pushed up a little but not super uncomfortable. I LOVE ours but beware the harness is a little wide set so sometimes it doesnt fit littler ones it didnt fit my then 10 month old but she is now 2 and fits much better.
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    Re: True Fit Premier Fit a Civic?

    I love our TFP!

    I don't have experience with either of your cars, but my DH drives a Corolla, and we fit our TFP in there just fine. I'm thinking the Corolla is comparable in size to the Civic and definitely smaller than the Camry. That sounds about right. Right? Also, you and your H are just about the same size as my DH and I. I don't think there will be any problems. When I had the TFP in the Corolla, it was behind the passenger seat. I had to have the seat a little farther up than I like it, but I wasn't eating dash or anything. I'm 5'7".

    I'm sure you already know you can remove the head rest on the TFP for your baby. It just needs to go back on when she's 22 lb or her head hits the red line on the seat cover. But by then you'll be able to move the TFP more upright, up to 35 degrees, which will help improve the front-to-back fit in your cars. *If* you ever run into problems with the TFP fitting, why not move it to the passenger side so that at least you can drive comfortably? Then your DS in his FF seat can go behind the driver or--better yet--in the middle. If you do middle and outboard passenger, you'll always be able to drive comfortably, and you *could* put an additional passenger in the back behind you if the RF seat causes the front passenger seat to be pushed too far forward.

    Unless there's a particular reason you can't install your son's seats in the center position, it's really the safest place for him. (That said, the TF is a WIDE seat. I'm not sure it will fit next to the Frontier...) RF offers excellent side impact protection, but FF kids are more vulnerable. The rule of thumb is to put the least protected child, which is your son in this case, in the most protected position, the middle here. Unless, like I said, there's some reason you can't use the middle seat for him.

    I don't think you'll have a problem adjusting the harness. The original TF and True Fit Recline can be difficult to adjust when RF because the harness adjuster gets buried in the seat back, but the anti-rebound arm on the Premier version actually pushes the seat back a bit and makes the harness adjuster quite easy to access. I've never had any problems with it. To tighten the harness, though, you will need to use a tug-tug-tug motion. It's not a smooth adjustment, especially when you have it fairly tight on the child and just need to get out that last little bit of slack. HTH!
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    Re: True Fit Premier Fit a Civic?

    I have a true fit premiere rear facing outboard on the passengers side in my 2003 civic, it fits fine. I was able to put the front seat further back than I could with an Avenue. I'm 5'10" and I can sit in the seat in front of it.

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    Re: True Fit Premier Fit a Civic?

    Thanks ladies for sharing your experience!!

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