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    New car shoping...HELP

    Ok i've been looking at cars (online) for about a weeks or two now... and still at a loss. Me and my sister are going to look around next week or two at car lots but i want to know more before then. And some ideas of what cars to consider looking at...

    Background... we currently have a land rover discovery and dodge intrepid. we are wanting to trade in the discovery.
    ~needs to seat atleast 7 (to add the family or friends over whatever)
    ~ needs to be compatible with radian (soon to own 2)
    ~ needs to get good/better gas milage then the discovery (10City 18highway)
    ~We are looking at something maybe around $10K-$15K maybe a little more but not much
    ~ probably due to the cost needs to be around 2002-2005???
    ~ milage of couse the less the better LOL but again depending (i travel for work but usally use the intrepid)
    ~ I love how in the land rover i can easily reach the second row with out unbuckling or adjusting much out of my seating possion. and that the 3rd row is acessed through the back door vs climbing over the 2nd row.
    ~ I'm not really set on any manufature... we do get a GM discount for dh's father being a retire but then it has to be a 'new' car so that sucks.
    ~ Not prarcial to a van/suv/wagon... BUT i do love differant and unique(SP?) cars...
    ~ ONE MORE we live where there is quite a nice little hill to climb up and out when leaving we couldn't leave in our intrepid with the 3 feet of snow we had in feb and it was nice to have the AWD of the land rover and the 4 wheel drive but that will really cut into my price and choices but it would GREAT!!!

    So any suggestions on what i might want to look at?
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    Becky CPS Tech, driver of '05 Quest, and Mama to
    DS 8y 6m (51.5" 61# torso 20") Backless Turbo and parkway
    DD 6y 4m (47" 42.5# torso 16") Parkway and Radian F/F
    DD 4y 1m (42" 35# torso 15") Marathon F/F

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    Re: New car shoping...HELP

    Not much help here..... just wanted to let you know that I am going through the same thing..... I dream of all the different cars out there..... It is so much to handle...

    DD1~14yrs old~Seatbelt

    DD2~8 yrs old ~Cow Frontier 85 and Pink Monterey
    DS~3 yrs old Britax Roundabout and Coccoro in Licorice/Carrot Cake
    DD3~ 10 weeks in a Chicco Keyfit



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