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    Post Tiny fold in seat belt once tightened by superman

    My husband installed the Radian xtsl rear facing using the regular shoulder to lap belt in the center of the rear seat of my 2003 Nissan Altima. He managed to get the radian in soooooooo tight that while there is still a little wobble in the radian seat back, the radian seat bottom doesn't budge, not even a little. I'm thinking it might actually be too tight because on the entry side of the belt path (where the vehicle shoulder to lap belt is inserted into the radian), the belt has a tiny fold or gathering in it. I think it's just from being pulled and wrenched so tight against the curve of the belt path that the belt gathered and created a little fold.

    There is also a slight tilt to the radian once installed, I've read this is normal in a previous message. Can anyone confirm?

    I've done searches on the forum and can't find mention of a fold such as this. I'm debating un-doing it and re-doing it but not superman tight.

    Also, previously we had been using a graco infant seat and base, under the base we had a vehicle seat upolstery protector. We removed it when installing the radian rear facing because the little base attachment couldn't "dig in" with it under. Do any of you still use an upolstery protector anyway with a RF radian? I'd love to protect the upolstery but do not see how it's possible to use one with the way the radian base sorta wedges into the vehicle seat. No biggie if I can't use it, a safe install obviously gets priority.

    Also, any suggestions or pictures on how to stowe all those extra straps that hang down under the Radian seat back? I see where you can store the superlatchs but there is still quite a bit of black belting just kinda hanging. I may just get some rubber bands and try to tie it all up because I couldn't see where the radian has anywhere to put it. Again no big deal but it just looks kinda messy.

    My baby loves her new seat though!! I took it out of the box and put the base on it so that it would sit up on it's own and she just got right in it on her own and refused to get out. It was too funny asking her where she was going sitting in a car seat in the living room!

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    CPS Technician
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    The back of the carseat moving doesn't matter. Only check at the belt path. Are you rf tethering it? I have heard of people installing to tight, but usually with the mightytight that we don't like around here.

    As for the tilting, are your seatbelts the one that you pull out all the way to lock? If so, that is a common issue. With infant bases and those seatbelts I usually use a locking clip because then you don't have that issue. I do it some with rf convertibles too depending on the seat and situation.

    I perfer not to use the protector mats. We have been using carseats for 10y and our seats have always bounced back. We have had leather and cloth. Never had an issue and we even had a cosco scerena for a while. It is not a smooth bottom.

    Stefanie, cpst in iowa - mom to 4 great kids
    Stefanie - CPST in Iowa
    mom to dd 11,/00, ds 11/01, ds 3/06, dd 04/07, dd 08/12 (radian rxt) ds 12/13 (evenflo sureride)

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    Re: Tiny fold in seat belt once tightened by superman

    Thanks for the feedback!! No mighty tighty and the vehicle seat belts are the kind you have to pull all the way out to allow for locking before retracting. That gathering/fold of the belt is weighing on the back of my mind though so I'll uninstall it and try it again and if I'm still not happy I will try the locking clip you mentioned. Thanks again!

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    Re: Tiny fold in seat belt once tightened by superman

    Bunching of the belt is normal. It just has to do with the geometry of the seatbelt and the carseat. The angle at which it goes through, buckles, tightens, etc. A locking clip may help fix it, but it's very likely that when the seat is tight at the angle it is, a bunch just happens. No biggie.

    If you're concerned you can take a picture and let us see, but it sounds perfectly normal.

    wendy, cpst-i mom to
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    laine 9/16/09, 54", 96#, Nuna Aaces, Diono Solana 2
    in my husband's 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, my 2017 Volvo XC90, and big sister's 2016 Honda Civic  785

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