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    Cleaning out... need to fund a double stroller

    Okay... so we are spring cleaning (And by we, I mean me... and only me )

    Pottery Barn Kids Bedding Set: $50 ppd All gently used, crib skirt has a small tear on the seam, though it didn't show and could be easily fixed if you are more handy than me The curtain is a bit faded... but pretty evenly from what I can tell

    Chamois & Gingham bumper (green)
    Gingham Curtain (green)
    Crib Skirt (white & green gingham)
    Fuzzy Green chamois crib sheet (Katie Little)

    Target Circo Crib Quilt: $10ppd New, never used... this was washed, but we ended up doing something different in her room

    PBK baseball Toddler Duvet: $30ppd Great shape... this was washed and hung on the back of his crib... never slept with

    *** Both the quilt and the duvet match the gingham stuff if you want a complete set They look very cute together!

    Graco Nautilus cover: This is only the back part... plush grey... I have NO IDEA where it came from, and we only had the Nauti for a couple of months. This was never used. $10 ppd

    Black and White Sling: black with white polka dots/black with white flowers. I got an Ergo... this was never used. $10ppd

    Cloth Diapers: (would prefer to sell together) $22 ppd

    Vintage Trucks AI2 OS: OBV inner, print is faded (normal for this fabric) but fully functional and good aplix... no stains.

    Construction Fitted OS: Flannel outer, OBV inner. No stains, good aplix

    Small Fleece skirty & Longies $16 ppd

    Will post the rest of the pics later Totally open to offers... (or trades)
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