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    Back to Britax from a Radian?

    So I was putting DS2 in the MA in DH's car yesterday and I was surprised at how well he still fit RF (tiny little thing LOL). And at how easy it was to buckle him in. In the XTSL in my truck he's way above the 3rd slot to the point where I'm nervous about the straps falling off his shoulders but he's still way below the 4th slot, too far to call it close. I'd take pics but my stupid truck is in the shop yet again. And I really don't care for the XTSL. DH lothes it to the point where if he's taking DS2 somewhere in it without me he refuses to use it, he'll use the MA instead.
    Soooo, I was thinking I'd sell the XTSL, buy a lovely smokey pearl RA55 and pass that down to DD when she outgrows the keyfit. Or maybe try to get a RA50 or MA65 somewhere. But man, I do love that smokey pearl cover.
    I'll have to try the keyfit in the middle and the MA outboard when I get my truck back to see if it'll work. I hope so because that XTSL is such a PITA to buckle him into. The staps are only held on his shoulders by the chest clip and while that may be safe, I'm just not to comfy with it. Besides, we want to get different vehicle when I find a job and what if I can't install the XTSL in it?
    Mama to DS1 7-98 in a seatbelt, DS2 11-07 in an Affix and Turbobooster, DD1 12-10 RF in a Headwise, DD2 4-12 RF in a Headwise
    Loving wife to DH

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    Re: Back to Britax from a Radian?

    Go for it! I loathe the Radian. When I borrowed one for a month or so, DH refused to use it. He simply could not get the straps tight on DD and she is not tiny. He uses our MA70 and Classic Marathon very easily.
    Jacky, CPST and mom to Kenzie(5) and Maverick(3) Riding in a Frontier, Marathon 70 and Radian, Safety 1st Store N Go and Evenflo Right Fit

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    Re: Back to Britax from a Radian?

    I don't love our XTSL either...I agree it is a PITA kind of seat. I love our new FR85 though! Sooooo much easier! I say go for the smokey pearl!
    Abbi, mama to three girls! Riding in our 06 Ford Freestyle.
    Nadia Grace (11/06) - Graco Turbo Safety Surround
    Zoe Mae (12/09) - Recaro Prosport
    Matilda Rosalee (01/12) - RFing MA70

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